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How To Track The Google Analytics Conversions

Do you also want to track your conversions with the help of the Google analytics, but you don’t know where you want to start? The Google analytics can be intimidating if you are new to it but truly it will not be complicated. All you need is to get started doing this thing from the basics. In this post, I will also share my knowledge about how to track the conversions in Google analytics step-by-step.

“Analytics” this may sound a very scary word for you but many of the peoples will assume that the analytics is the only thing which the technology gurus can easily  interpret. However, we are here in this article to tell you that the analyzing your website gives a data which should neither be scary nor so much confusing for you.

However, thanks to the some of the free and the premium tools which will help you in gaining the relevant insights and see that what is working and what is not which is actually quite effortless.

What Are Conversions?

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A conversion is basically a thing which takes place when a visitor will visit your website and takes an action and you will care about and “converts” that visitor into a customer. This could be through the filling out a form, a complete purchase of something or by simply showing a high level of the engagement with your website. This post will easily help you and also define the measure of the traffic sources which will result in the Conversions. You can also increase the traffic to your website by using Google Analytics.

What Are The Goals in Google Analytics?

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The goals in the Google Analytics will allow you to track the conversions for the specific users which will interact with your website. The user’s interactions will be anything including the submissions of forums, clicks on the buttons, downloads of the ebooks and many more.

Whenever the visitor will perform the specific action that you have defined as your goal and the record of the analytics that has a conversion.

How to Track the Google Analytics Conversions

If you are already using the Google Analytics then you need to define the goal first and also a specific URL that will reveal the source of the particular click.

Let’s Start :

Here are the Ways for the Tracking Of Google Analytics :

  1. Define Your Goals

If you have not set up them already then you will need to create the goals in the Google Analytics for the conversions which you want to track.

For Example, If you have an e-commerce website such as amazon, then you will like to track the checkouts of the shopping carts. If you want then you can easily do this by creating a goal that will count the visits on your particular URL of the order and the confirmation page that the customer will  see while making a purchase or completing their order.

  1. Build The Tracking URL

All you need in this is to use the Google Analytics URL builder and to tag your URLs with the help of the custom campaigns by tracking the parameters. You can simply fill out the forms by inserting the URL of your landing pages and URLs along with the rest of the campaign details.

  1. Use Your Tracking URL

Now in this, you have to take your new URL and then use that as an in your campaign in the place of your standard URL. The Google Analytics will assume that anybody who will visit the website and click on the URL then it will automatically attribute any action which they will take on this particular campaign as well.


You need to spend more time on setting up your goal tracking into your analytics tools, which is considered as the good investment. With the help of this guide, you will easily be able to start and set up some of the basic conversion trackings within few minutes and also be able to tackle the more difficult issues of the revenue trackings.

If you have any kind of questions or feedback then feel free to mention them in the comment box!