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Important Facts about Fiber Optic Dresses You Hardly Know

Today, many decorative lighting technologies are available. Fiber optics among is one of the most original and elegance choices. But, it has been limited to interior architecture applications and home decorations, mostly due to the complexity of fiber optics lighting systems. Thanks to the recent development of technology, the Fiber Optics Fabric, which has changed the concept of using fiber optics. Based on this technology, a number of standard dresses are available.

Festival Dresses – Light Up Dress and Fiber Optic Dress

If you have to attend a rave party, you can be the star of the party by choosing the most elegant and stylish fiber optic dress. By selecting it, you can rock your fiber party and shine on the dance floor. Fiber optic dress is perfect to wear to any party. It leads you to show off to your friends at your next party.

Here is some meaningful information about the fiber optic dress.

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics is made of ultra-thin optical fibers. They are directly woven with synthetic fibers. Before using them to design clothes, experts process the optical fibers that allow the light to be emitted along the full length of the fibers.

After that, professional connect the optical fibers to ultra-bright LEDs that are embedded in borders at the edge of the fabric. The LEDs are injected into the material. Unlike other lighting technologies, the light emitted by the optical fibers is subtle and warm. It produces a fancy and fascinating atmosphere. The look and feel of the dresses are wonderfully original and eye-catching.

Some More Important Facts

  • Visibility – The light produced by the fiber optics is hardly visible in direct sunlight or broad daylight. It is best viewed in dark settings. It happens because the light of the fabric optic is spread on large surfaces.
  • Power – Fiber optics dresses are powered either by batteries or AC adapters depending on the types of products you want to purchase.
  • Different Colors – You can find fiber optic dresses in a dozen colors. Depending on the type of electronic module or LED used with the fabric, many light colors are available. The most popular colors are green, white, red, blue, white, and yellow.
  • No heat: What sets fabric optics light apart is that it doesn’t heat up when it is lighted. Also, there is a risk of electrical shocks.
  • Flexibility: The fabric optics is as flexible as other synthetic fabric you have seen.
  • Water resistant: Fiber optic is water resistant.

Today, the fiber optic is used in different types of clothes.  They are also available as finished products. The fiber opting for clothing is considered the future of fashion and apparel. You can find an assortment of male and female fiber optic clothing which is perfect for events, festivals, rave parties, a night on the town and concert. If you want to light up the room, then fiber optic dress is the best choice.

Popular Women’s and Men’s Fiber Optic Apparel and Dresses

If you are looking for the future of clothing, then you should consider the fiber optic clothes. Some of the finest and modern light up clothing are

  • LED Light Jackets (men)
  • LED sleeveless hoodie (men)
  • LED waistcoat (men)
  • light up bra(women)
  • a bra with shoulder strap (women)
  • halter top (women).

Where to Buy

Different types of fiber optic clothing are available online. When you choose to buy any kind of clothes, make sure the dress comes with an included USB rechargeable battery pack. This will let you enjoy the entire night once charge along with a USB cable for recharging.

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