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Incredible Seven Ways to Celebrate Office Birthdays

Employees are the valuable asset of the company; their contribution to making the company big and successful is truly commendable. Their honesty, dedication and innovative suggestions entitle them a personalised celebration on their 21st birthday theme ideas. Why not! Just like our family members, they are also members of the corporate family. So, it’s a great step that companies are coming up with birthday celebration ideas.  However, it’s an HR team that has to brainstorm birthday organization ideas. So if you are an HR Manager, cultural leader or an office manager,  this blog is for you. Here we come with awesome seven ways to organize an office birthday party ideas. So, without any further delay, let’s get started:

  1. Surprise desk decoration: Just like a regular day, the birthday boy and gal would come to the office, head towards his/her office desk, and what would he/she see? An amazing decoration is waiting in his/her way. The confetti and balloons would blow his/her mind and make the birthday special like never before. The decoration would make the recipient feel highly special, and she won’t stop taking innumerable pictures of the decoration.
  • Play the birthday song on the arrival of birthday boy/girl: Another great surprise that you can plan for the birthday boy/girl is playing the birthday song like: “Congratulations and celebrations”, while all other employees are standing and singing the song while clapping. Yes, the recipient may get shy and blush, but definitely, he/she would be thankful to the staff, and it’s amazing planning. 
  • Cake cutting: Here we come at the main point – cake cutting! A birthday celebration remains incomplete without cake cutting. Cake cutting ceremony makes the person feel special and lets him/her enjoy the glory of the day. But instead of regular cakes, opt for healthy cake-like: protein cake or fruit cake. It would indicate that you are concerned about the health and fitness of the employee. Don’t worry about its taste! These cakes satisfy sweet cravings without sabotaging your health goals. There are a lot of talented bakers who prepare tasty cakes, and they are available online in all the metropolitan cities. So, you can easily avail online cake delivery Hyderabad and let the birthday person enjoy the fresh and scrumptious cake. 
  • Handwritten birthday note: The performance of an employee becomes double when he/she receives immense love from the workplace. So, a handwritten birthday note from his/her seniors would be the best way to wish the person. It wouldn’t make the recipient feel special,  but would also make him/her feel recognised and important for the company. The handwritten note from seniors would bring a personal touch and boost the morale of employees on their special day. 
  • Make a donation to the charitable interest they are associated with: Some people are introverts, and instead of enjoying birthday bash, they love to keep everything simple and make donations for a charity. Whether it’s an old age home, blind school, orphanage, arrange a cheque of donation for him/her. Helping him/her out in doing good for others would touch the heart of the recipient. All this requires minimal planning, and in return, you would get increased motivation and higher productivity from employees, along with the blessings they would shower towards the company. 
  • Gift card/voucher: Instead of making guesses about what an employee likes or doesn’t like and investing a lot of time deciding what gift or surprise to arrange. Gift card option rescues all your worries. It’s the most useful and resourceful gift you can give to the employee. A gift card or voucher lets an employee choose what he/she likes the most and on the other hand, saves your time in choosing the perfect gift. We would suggest the HR department to buy vouchers in bulk for all other employees whose birthdays are nearby. It would help save cost, money and won’t be requiring too much effort. 
  • Plan a happy hour in the Office Kitchen: So what if you don’t have the budget to throw a party outside the office. Collect all in the office cafeteria and raise the toast of wine together, chat informally, ask all the coworkers to dedicate a song and message for the birthday person and let him/her enjoy the limelight of the party. The happy hour within the office is the perfect idea to enjoy socializing with everyone

Employees feel happy when appreciated. And what can be a better day to express their value for you on their birthdays. The list is here,  just choose the one that you find most viable and close to the special person.