industrial sewing machines in Australia

Essentials for Clothing Businesses in Australia: Industrial Sewing Machines and Quality Fabric

The local garment industry is one of the growing markets in Australia. It is projected that this industry will garner AUD 6.5 million in revenue in 2020, showing an increase of 6.3% from the previous years. Such growth in the market is an indication of Australia’s increasing demand for locally made brands. If you are venturing in the clothing business, having industrial sewing machines in Australia and a source of quality fabric are essential.

Why start a clothing line in Australia

At present, Australia has over 25,000 registered clothing retail businesses all over the country. Nonetheless, the clothing industry remains competitive and open for new producers because of the increasing demand. Australia is generally supportive of small and medium business enterprises, so joining the bandwagon would not be a problem.

Industrial sewing machines

When starting a clothing business, a quality industrial sewing machine will save your company from wasting fabrics caused by technical errors in the production. It has been recorded that Australian clothing companies lose around 500,000 tons of fabric due to machine problems. To avoid having your raw materials end up in landfills, investing in a trusted machine brand will make your company more environmentally friendly. It will also maximize your profit and minimize your loss.

If you are canvassing for industrial sewing machines Australia has to offer, some of the choices that you will encounter are flatbed, off-the-arm, cylinder-bed, and post-bed equipment. A flatbed is the most basic of all, and it resembles the traditional sewing machine. If you want something that can easily sew shoulder and sleeve seams, then get an off-the-arm machine. Meanwhile, if you are planning on attaching emblems on your clothing products, look for a post-bed machine. This kind of sewing machine has loopers, bobbins, and feed dogs. It also has vertical columns that can rise from 10-45 cm. Lastly, a post-bed machine will be efficient for a clothing business that utilizes cuffs.

Upon choosing the kind of machine that you will get, the next consideration that you should be mindful of is its feeding mechanism. Generally, the more numerous your machine’s feeding mechanism is, the more flexible it is. If you were working with customized embroidery design, it would be very helpful if your sewing appliance has a manual feed option. This feature will allow your worker to control the feed by himself so he can make intricate designs. If your business is still small-scale, you can start with a drop feed or needle feed machine. They are easy to operate and will allow you to work on multiple layers of fabric. For a more advanced feeding option, choose a puller feeder since it can work on heavy-duty items if you plan to branch out and include leather in your clothing line.

Quality textile

Quality fabric is indispensable in clothing businesses. Australians are particular when it comes to the durability of what they are wearing. To familiarize yourself with the textile benchmarks in the Australian market, you can check out AS/NZS 1957:1998. You can also refer to the country’s Product Safety Guide for additional information about the protocols in selling clothes.

Starting a clothing line in Australia is a profitable business idea. All you need is a quality industrial sewing machine and a fabric supplier to start the ball rolling. What are you waiting for? Start canvassing for these equipment and raw materials!