Inverter batteries

Inverter Batteries: Know the Different Types

The inverter can be stated to be a powerful and fabulous power generator that converts to higher voltage substituting current from lower voltage guide current. There can be experienced power outages at any point of time and this can be really disappointing and also uncomfortable especially during hot and cold seasons. Hence, to get respite and to ensure having electricity during power outage, there is required a good, branded inverter  that functions to its optimum and offers adequate current to power all essential electronic devices.

Three main components of a power backup system are :

  • Power to charge the battery
  • Battery to store to the current
  • Inverter to supply power in case of an outage

Selecting the right battery and inverter

Battery and inverter online shopping should be done with great care. The battery can be termed to be an important piece of inverter. Choosing the right type and dealing it with great care is of absolute necessity to ensure its working to its optimum and amplify execution.

However, with plenty of brands readily available, making the right selection is not that easy or simply. Checking out the reputed portals will help the person to get to know about the different types and categories of inverters available in the market. It is only careful and well researched inverter that will help to function well.

inverter battery

Inverter battery types

There are many sizes of batteries available in the market, manufactured by different brands, and are also of different types. The battery selection is dependent upon its size and load to feed.

Usually batteries capacity is determined by its Ampere-hour (Ah) and its selection depends upon the KW backup needed and backup time. b

batteries are available in various DC voltages 12V, 24V, 48V etc. Usually 12V battery is easily available.

In solar PV applications, where large voltage is required to feed the grid power, series or parallel combinations of batteries are used to achieve the desired voltage or current.

Now let us know about the types of batteries available :

  • Lead acid battery: This is also known as flat plate battery and generally inverters make use of lead corrosive battery. An imperative benefit of using such battery is its being lightweight. It is just fit to create current in sufficient measures and is found to be a temperate alternative. Being rechargeable, it requires low support. The level of electrolyte is to be checked and top it up consistently with water. When getting charged, lead acid battery emits harmful smoke and hence, is not prescribed. If used within the closed home, it will only bring risk to the entire family. It is to be used only if the place is well ventilated to allow smoke to escape. Its price may vary from Rs 8,000 to 14,000 depending upon battery make and size. These batteries also need more maintenance as the user need to check water content in the battery cells at regular intervals and add the battery water accordingly to keep the battery running.
  • Tubular battery: It is solid and used widely for inverters. Sublime proficiency, complicated plan, can make this battery to work better than the others. It requires low maintenance. Although it is much more expensive when compared to other types of inverter batteries, it is indeed an excellent option chosen. Their price various from Rs 9,000 to 20,000 according to their size and make, and also need comparatively less maintenance. 
  • Maintenance free battery: These batteries are well protected, hazard less and contamination free as well as maintenance free i.e. once installed, you need not to take care of anything, except safety, and battery will work till its life is over. Although it has short battery life when compared to lead corrosive battery, it is also found to be an ideal decision to buy inverter battery online. Electrolyte level is not necessary to be checked or there is no need for garnishing the grounds as it comes completely support free. But these batteries are comparatively costly also.

Whichever battery you decide to buy, you need to check its compatibility with your inverter first. Otherwise, even the best battery available in the market will not work.

Most common and easily available battery manufacturers are Lumonous, Amron, Exide, Su-kam etc. All these are trustworthy battery manufacturers in India.

exide battery
EXIDE INDUSTRIES 150Ah Insta Brite Inverter Ups Battery

Should I buy a Local Battery ?

A very common but often ignored question. People usually buy any local battery available in the market due to its cheaper cost. Lack of knowledge is also another factor. But one need to understand the reason of low cost of battery compared to other trusted manufacturers. Such reasons could be

  • Safety standards
  • Battery efficiency
  • Battery backup
  • Battery life

whether buying battery or any other equipment, we people ignore the safety concerns associated with it.

We may have heard of battery explosion, that is purely a safety concern and usual cause is either cheap manufacturing or no maintenance. Some batteries start leaking over a period of time. That is also attributed to low quality manufacturing.

Lower life span and less duration of power backup are some other drawbacks of local batteries.

That’s why, wherever possible, one should purchase only a branded and trustworthy manufacturer battery.

Battery Warranty

All battery manufacturers provide service after sales support or product warranty for a limited period. If any user faces any problem related to battery or its performance, the issue can be raised at their authorized service centers, website or helpline numbers.

Increasing Life of Battery

It is important that battery is used till its service life is over to get maximum return on the investment that we made. Certain steps needs to be taken care of, to ensure no problem with the battery services and it keeps running without any problem.

  • Battery water level need to be checked at regular intervals and whenever it is found low, immediately it should be topped up with battery water. Low water level could decrease battery backup time and capacity, and decrease its life.
  • Battery terminals should be kept clean and corrosion free. Usually acid rust accumulates on the battery terminals which decreases its charging rate and increases power consumption. Battery terminals should be cleaned from time to time by proper mechanisms such as warm water, brush or some other additives.
  •  Battery should always be sized according to load to be connected to it. Under-sizing the battery would decrease its life drastically, and over-sizing will increase initial as well as power cost for charging it.

Therefore, it is only a well researched person having clear and ample knowledge about the different types of inverter batteries available in the market can make the right decision. At the same time, it will be crucial to identify the specific needs. The best branded inverter is sure to work to its optimum, provide excellent operational life, be found resourceful when in need and also be affordable on the pocket. The web is the best place to make the purchase to ensure getting the best deals and discounts.