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What You Need to Know About Affordable Private Air Charters with Empty Leg Flights

Flying privately features in almost every traveller’s bucket list, and for a good reason. It offers unparalleled luxury that an ordinary person can only dream of, besides the convenience of flying at your schedule with no security lines or standing in long queues.

Though it may be everyone’s dream, not everyone can afford it. However, you can get the private jet experience at almost a fraction of the cost of standard charter flights. The solution is empty leg flights with private air charters.

What Is Meant by Empty Leg Flights?

Empty Leg Flights are those that are flying without passengers. They are either repositioning flights or those flights that will pick up passengers or return to the destination after dropping them off. These are also referred to as deadheads because there is no revenue on these flights.

Obviously, charter flights are expensive to operate, so companies don’t like to fly empty legs and market them at discounted rates. You can get an empty leg booking for as low as 50-75% off standard charter rates.

Booking an empty leg flight, though, is a bit tricky because not all air charter companies market them all the time. They offer empty leg specials. There are brokers who advertise empty leg flights from operators but act as middlemen, and nothing’s like it if you can book direct.

You can keep browsing the air charter companies’ websites for information on empty leg flights. These flights become available just at the last minute, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get your hands on one.

How Empty Leg Experience Differs

Flexibility – Empty Leg Flights have stricter schedules to follow, so there is less flexibility with delays if you’re running late.

Refreshments – Unless pre-arranged, empty leg flights come with very limited to no catering. Refreshments, if provided, consist of pre-packaged snacks, soft drinks, or basic alcoholic drinks.

Model and Type of Aircraft – Empty leg flights normally mention the model and type of aircraft, so you have no choices there, unlike in case private air charters where you can pick the type of aircraft based on your requirements.

No Guarantee – As already mentioned above, empty leg flights can be cancelled anytime, even at the last minute, so it’s best to either have a backup or be prepared to cancel the trip entirely.

Prices – Empty leg prices vary by the date, time, routes, and type of aircraft. They are typically priced much lower than conventional charters and mention an all-inclusive rate, including fuel, taxes, landing fees, etc.

Number of Seats – Since you are booking an entire jet, there is no limit on the number of seats you can fill. You can even bring pets at no additional charge.

Empty leg flights are an exceptional way to experience private jets. The only thing is you need to be flexible with your plans or have a backup to take care of last-minute cancellations. Some air charter providers let you book an empty leg by the seat as well, where you make huge savings.