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Know Why Adobe PDF Document Could Not Be Printed

“I have an HP Laserjet 1300N/Adobe PDF printer and Windows 10 desktop PC. I just have printed doc files fine, but when I try to the same thing with Adobe files I found that it I cannot print PDF documents. What could be the reason due to which Adobe PDF document could not be printed? Can anyone tell me how can I print a PDF file successfully? Thanks!!”

Are you also facing the same query? If yes? Then, you landed on the correct page because we have provided all possible reasons as well as the solution to resolve this query. But, before that let’s know the need of printing documents in PDF format. The main reason due to which users prefer to print PDF document is that these files retain the original appearance/layout/print quality. Anyone can open PDF file anywhere without file formatting as a result people prefer it more as compared to other file formats. But, many times users have experienced a problem while PDF printing. Some of the common root causes are given below:

Reasons Why Users Cannot Print PDF Documents

Most of the times we need to print PDF files but during the printing process, we find some issues. There are multiple reasons due to which Adobe PDF document could not be printed. Some of them are given below:

  • Papers in the printer’s feed tray are not enough or there is a paper jam which stops printing PDF files
  • It might be possible that the printer is not working in a proper way
  • Another reason due to which users can’t print PDF document is that Printer Drivers or PDF Tools i.e. PDF Readers are not updated
  • The PDF may be corrupted due to which it does not allow to print
  • PDF is secured with print restrictions so that file can’t be printed

Possible Solutions to Fix Adobe PDF Document Could Not be Printed

1- Print PDF as an Image

Maybe some portion of the file got damaged due to which users cannot print PDF documents. Corrupted PDF text prevents file printing but it can be solved by printing the PDF file as an image. Now a user should follow these steps to print PDF as an image

  • Go to File option
  • Then, click Print option
  • After that select Advanced option in the window appeared
  • Then at the bottom choose “Print as Image” option.
  • Click OK
  • Then press Print Button

2- Open with another PDF Reader or Google Chrome

There are multiple PDF readers available to view & print PDF so a user can use any other them and try to print the file.

Alternatively, you can also open the PDF file in Google Chrome and Print the document from there. To do that, follow the below steps :

  • Right click on the PDF file.
  • Select Open With option.
  • From next menu, choose Google Chrome

The file will be opened in Google Chrome (if you have installed it, otherwise you need to download and install  the software).

3- Update Printer Driver

It might be possible that the printer driver is not updated due to which a user cannot print PDF documents. Now, to update the printer driver follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Device Manager
  • Find your printer under Devices and printers
  • Right click on it and navigate towards the Update Driver Software

Now, check if the user still finds that Adobe PDF document could not be printed even after updating the printer driver then, the printer is not the issue.

Alternatively, you can also use third party softwares which scans all existing drivers softwares and ask to update, if available.

4- Repair Damaged PDF Document

File corruption could be another reason due to which users are unable to print PDF file. If it is highly damaged then it needs to be repaired & for that one can use any application. There are several methods available to repair PDF document a user can select any of them & once the file gets repaired it can be easily printed.

5- Unlock Secured PDF

When the document is having printing restrictions then the user will find that he/she is unable to print PDF file. Most of the times due to print security we can notice that the Print option is greyed out or disabled. Therefore, to print the file it is needed to remove print restrictions from PDF file and for that third party SysTools PDF Unlocker Tool can be used. It is one of the most simple and reliable application to remove PDF file security. Once the file gets unlocked it can be printed easily.

6- Turning off the PDF/A View Mode

You can also try this option as it is reported to work for some users. To toggle this option, follow the below steps :

  • Click Edit from the main menu
  • Select Preferences
  • Click Documents from the left navigation panel
  • Then, select Never on the PDF/A View Mode drop-down menu
  • Click OK

Now open the file and print it.

7- Re-create the PDF file

Re-creating a PDF document can be done by using different methods. For example, use Acrobat Distiller or the Adobe PDF Printer.

8- Save the PDF file as a new file

Try to re-save PDF document by clicking File > Save As, and giving the file a new name. The Save As command causes Acrobat to rewrite the file.

9- Convert the PDF file to DOC/DOCX document

If none of the above methods works, you can try to print the document by converting it into format document such as .doc/.docx, which can be opened in MS Word and from there, you can print it.

There are many converter software available. Alternatively, you can also choose to convert the document “Online”, by uploading the file and choosing the desired document format.


Here, in this blog, we have discussed different reasons due to which people cannot print PDF documents. Along with this multiple solutions are also discussed that can be used when users find that the Adobe PDF document could not be printed.