Lip enhancement treatment

Everything You Need To Know About Lip Enhancement Service

With time, the skin tends to lose its suppleness and shine. Similarly, lips lose their volume and gloss too. As a result, lip enhancement treatments are done to treat thin lips. 

Vancouver is one of the third-largest metropolitan areas in Canada and has an effective solution for lip enhancement. A typical lip filler enhancement costs about $400- $800 in the city. You can add volume and restore the original size using fillers. The non-invasive lip filler Vancouver service is quite popular among the age group of 18 to 30. However, getting in touch with a professional expert is always advisable before deciding. 

The Procedure of Lip Fillers

Injections are becoming a faster solution for restoring lip size and making them appear fuller. An anesthetic cream will be applied before injecting so one does not feel pain. After 20-30 minutes, the area becomes insensitive. 

Most services use hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient in the injections. The acid is naturally produced by the body, which makes this option safe. After the insertion of dermal filler, a massage is required to distribute the filler evenly for plumper lips. The process requires minimal and sometimes no downtime. Simply put, you can get instant results in a day’s work. 

The process is safe and natural and has long-lasting effects. People with thinner lips that tend to vanish with a smile can get a fuller feel and look. This will help in enhancing the look and make a face appear balanced. Vancouver is one of the eighth largest cities in Canada. The coastal city of Vancouver in British Columbia has witnessed youth’s growing inclination towards lip enhancement because of the satisfaction it guarantees.

After Care Tips for Lip Fillers 

  • One can apply an ice pack for about 10 minutes to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • It is better to avoid the use of lipstick, lip balm, or similar products for a minimum of 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Try to avoid touching lips or doing activities like sipping from a straw.
  • It is advised to be careful while brushing and try to be gentle.
  • Drink a good amount of water for the best results.
  • It is a good idea to avoid exercising for at least the next 24 hours. 

Benefits of the Fillers 

  1. Restores the Lip Size – The lips that have become smaller and thinner, most likely due to age, can be restored. Certain people from the beginning have flat lips. In both cases, the fillers are a perfect solution to get plump. 
  2. Shape Correction – The lip filler in Vancouver service has also opted to correct various issues related to shape and size. So whether you want to get a better mouth shape or enhance its size, the treatment is suitable.
  3. Smoothes Wrinkles – Some people have wrinkles on the sides of their mouths. The procedure can also help in smoothing the wrinkles on the sides and make the smiles prettier. 
  4. Boosts Confidence – A person’s body has a huge role to play in being confident. People who feel more confident by improving their body image can use this method to increase their self-esteem. 


Vancouver, or the ‘City of Neighbourhood,’ maintains high living standards. It is no surprise that Vancouver is known as the most “livable place in the world”. That is why the city has proper facilities to get lip enhancement done. The treatment takes about 20 minutes and causes negligible discomfort. However, pregnant or breastfeeding women must avoid getting this done. It is also not advised to any person with autoimmune disease. 

Bruises and swelling are likely to vary from person to person. It also depends upon the experienced hands and clinic where you are getting your treatment done. Moreover, do not worry about the tight feeling that comes right after the job is done. The results will reflect almost immediately and last up to nearly six months. So, you must wait another four to six months to get it done again.