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Makita vs Dewalt Planer – What Are the Differences?

this comparison review

Although a planer is not a tool that is required by everyone, it is useful to DIY homeowners and professional woodworkers looking to cut wood in exact thickness. If you were to use a hand planer, it would be very hard for you to get the same results as the planer is not as effective as the mechanized unit. There are two notable brands on the market that manufacture great planers. If you are confused on which to buy, check out the article below to find the one that suits your needs. We hope that this comparison review will help you make the right purchasing decision. 

The Dewalt planer

Dewalt is not only of good design but also, comes with good performance and durability. This means that with the tool, you have a unit that will handle all your drilling needs while at the same time lasting for a very long time. What make the Dewalt planer ideal for the job are the numerous speed options that it has. The planer has a dial that you can use to select the appropriate speed of the system. This will allow you to choose between the maximum speed and the minimum speed depending on the type of wood that you are working on. If you want to have a smooth finish, you can set the speed at a slower rate. This will allow the blades to make 179 cuts per inch of wood. If you choose higher speeds, the blades will only be able to make 96 cuts per inch. The Dewalt also comes with 20000 rpm and 10000 rpm cutter head. 

Another feature on the Dewalt planer is that it is fitted with an inbuilt dust and debris collection system. This is unlike other planers that just dispense shavings from the machine. The Dewalt has an inbuilt blower that sucks all the debris into a collection bag. 

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Makita wood planer

The Makita is the other notable wood planer on the market that boasts of a large amount of power. The tool comes with a 15 Amp motor that produces about 8500 rpm when there is no load. This is enough to handle all applications that you may want to complete with the tool. When working with a wood planer, noise is one of the things that you have to contend with. However, Dewalt have put in a lot of effort in quieting their tools down. 

On the other hand, we should mention that the Makita wood planer also comes with a LED light that shows whether the tool is connected to power and whether the large paddle is activated. This makes it easy for a woodworker to know the situation without necessarily having to check the power outlet. The good thing with the Makita planer is that it has a feed rate of about 28 feet per minute. What this means is that you can make a few passes before the desired results are achieved. 

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Both the Dewalt and Makita wood planers are great tools. No matter the tool you go for, they can give you equal results.