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Do you know, 51% of the world’s total population uses eCommerce sites for purchasing their favorite products? These easy to use platforms are in very high demand due to their flexibility. eCommerce makes your shopping effortless. You don’t have to walk miles and miles in search of a store to buy your favorite skateboards or clothes or even utensils.

Instead, just visit an eCommerce site and search for the products. Online shopping also saves customer’s time of searching, as they can find everything within few clicks. User behavior is very unpredictable, where they will search for anything from anywhere. So, if you are still running a brick and mortar store, then it’s a time you start an eCommerce business also.

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Magento and eCommerce:

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that is developed using PHP. It is highly recommended for medium and large size eCommerce businesses, where the number of products is more. In case you have just 1 or 10 products then it might not be a good choice for you. But, the types of products count are more than Magento is the best choice.

Every Magento eCommerce site needs Magento hosting, to make it work on the internet, and MilesWeb brings you exclusive hosting at affordable prices. For hosting your Magento store, there a lot of hosting platforms available like VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, etc. MilesWeb provides best magento hosting as well as best VPS hosting India services for all type of eCommerce platforms.

MilesWeb Magento Hosting:

MilesWeb provides LiteSpeed Web Server + LiteMage Cache with their Magento hosting plans. LiteMage is provided to cater heavy loads and sudden traffic spikes. It consists of an enhanced tag-based cache management system that ensures your Magento store’s pages are served quickly without any interruption.

With LiteSpeed Web Server the average web page loading speed is recorded as 2.42seconds only. No matter how bulky your eCommerce site is, Magento hosting takes care of it. MilesWeb offers a wide range of Magento hosting India plans namely M1, M2, M3, and M4, which are capable of handling thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

Why does MilesWeb provide LiteSpeed + LiteMage?

1) Magento Specific Caching –

LiteMage cache uses ESI technology in pages that consist of visitor specific information. In this, the dynamic content is served to users from the cache memory and visitor information is truly processed as Dynamic.

2) Static + Dynamic Caching –

Magento caching consists of multiple options like PHP opcode, NGiNX, and varnish. But, all these results show that LiteMage is superior in terms of the Magento 1 or Magento 2 speed test. Additionally, it provides the best usability features over all other caching platforms.

3) Low CPU and Memory Needs –

LiteMage uses the ESI mechanism and also uses minimum compute to server content considering its deployed server-side. LiteMage consumes less RAM and CPU as compared to Varnish and other PHP caching techniques.

4) Quick Page Loads –

It assembles the full-page content by combining all the received responses that help in reducing page load time. Additionally, it eliminates the chance of creating individual requests for retrieving each block separately, which accelerates the Magento page load speed.

5) Native Site Crawling –

After the LiteMage is installed, caching takes place immediately. This crawls all the pages of your Magento store automatically. It gives a higher web page load speed to every visitor.

6) Native SSL Support –

LiteMage’s native SSL support ensures that user authentication is validated with encrypted session tokens. This protects your site from all possible cyber attacks.

7) DDoS Protection –

LiteSpeed has a built-in anti-DDoS feature that can defend your site from several common HTTP attacks that are very prone to Magento 1 and Magento 2 websites.

8) Multiple View and Ajax Support –

LiteMage provides support for multi-store, multi-currency, and multi-user groups along with the support for extensions using AJAX-based cart.  

With all these benefits, MilesWeb also offers exclusive Magento hosting features. These features make your shopping cart easy to access and work smoothly.

Features are:

1) Redis Backend and Session Cache:

Magento performance is enhanced by Redis as an in-memory backed and session cache. Redis improves the performance of the cart and checkout of the Magento site.

2) Optimized Server:

MilesWeb servers make the Magento powerful and extensive by optimizing features to work swiftly for your store.

3) Cloudflare CDN + Railgun:

All Magento hosting plans from MilesWeb incorporates CloudFlare’s CDN and Railgun optimization.

4) Free Magento Installation:

Magento is free and you can install it as many times as you want without any additional cost. Just select any Magento hosting plan from MilesWeb and Magento will be installed for free with it.

5) Magento Consultancy:

MilesWeb has an expert team dedicated to Magento, that guides you from time to time and help your eCommerce business to grow. The team helps you with upgrades, updates, installation, configuration, and other database related issues.

I think MilesWeb has covered all the features that are required for successfully running an online store using Magento.

They have 3 USPs to count on:

1) 24/7/365 Days Support –

No matter what time you reach them, their tech support team is always available to help you.

2) 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee –

If you are still confused, I think you shall get started with MilesWeb now. If you are not satisfied with any of their services, just ask for the 100% refund within 30 days of your purchasing order.

3) 99.95% Uptime –

To keep your online store available to users, MilesWeb provides 99.95% uptime to all the websites hosted with them.


If you have or planning to start an online store then Magento hosting is the best option for you, it covers all your needs. You may think of other options like WordPress but, for more products, Magento always works inferior to others.