migrate wordpress site

Migrate A WordPress Site to New Host

Migrate A WordPress Site

Migrating a WordPress site to a new host is very stressful because of lacking hosting knowledge or fear of damaging internal links of our website. Due to this, many customers pay to the professional huge amount of money to migrate hosting.

So do not worry we will guide you to migrate your current hosting to another hosting. If you give little time to your site and follow this step, you will definitely migrate your website to another hosting who will give extra feature or good theme.

Follow the given below steps to migrate your site

Step 1: Website files backup

The first step is kept in your mind before migrating the website you have back up your important file. There are many plugins who help you out (FTP) to your computer storage plugin are also available for wordpress such transit. It helps you out to connect to your web host and copy all your files under website directories to a folder in the local computer.

Next thing is that .htaccess file that is set to be hidden consult your FTP program help If your file is hidden or unable to see them. After that download media files depending upon how much media files if this file is downloading you proceed to next step.

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Step2. Export all word press database

    • Exporting a database is a simple process that requires a simple step to complete. You can easily login to cPanel account in your server PHP admin application select the database that contains your word press installation.
    • On the list of left-hand sidebar once selected then click to export tab in the navigation menu. If all ready default setup quick export SQL format for export that we need. By clicking on the next button your database will be export or downloaded to the local computer.
    • When your database export and all files export you can proceed to the next step.

Before WordPress migration, you need to create a WordPress environment for word press installation. You have to create a database from which you can import your SQL data.

To create the database follow the below steps:-

  1. First of all, open my SQL and enter your website name who you want to create a database.
  2. Create new my SQL user (with secure password)
  3. Add to the new database and then click all privilege. After the creation of the new database, we need to note down the name and password.
  4. WP-CONFIGURE FILE: After creation of a new database you need to go files manager then php admin then we have to do wp-configure.for this we need to create an HTML file or save to local computer.

Open the original folder of a file make changes follow this step.

  • Change your database name.
  • Below these line shows like define example (‘DB_NAME’, ‘db_name’);
  • Change your database user name.
  • You can find this line example define(‘DB_USER’, ‘db_user’);
  • Change data base password.
  • You can find this line example (‘DB_pasword’, ‘db_user’);

Step 5: Import your database

  • Now you have a new database you have to work with now you can import data. after that.
  • You have to launch PHP admin form C-panel on the new server and select your new database on the list of left-hand sidebar once its open select and navigate to import.
  • In the file, selection chose my SQL file to import.
  • Untick the partial import check box must sure the format is set to SQL you have to click go button. Now data export will proceed.
  • It takes time to export depending upon your. Size of your file after completion export you get the message your export is a success.
  • Step 6: Download WordPress Backup file and upload to a new host
  • Now you have new database prepared and you configured wp configure now its time to upload your website files./li>
  • Connect to your FTP programme browse your folder that your website to be held and after that, you have to upload a file manager. Now your website is ready to migrate.

Step 7: New URL link and define a new domain

  • If you are going to a new domain then you can read if don’t go for a new domain you can skip now step don’t go for a new update for each every different domain.
  • The main issue most people found is that when he moving their site that they will link other post and insert images directly to pointing URL.causing problem to break URL.
  • One important kept in your mind is that.
  • Changing site URL: by doing with an old domain with replacing the new domain. You will also need to alter the site URL with home URL.

Step 8: Final Step

Before you can use the site on a new host you will need to configure the go to the go-to and set DNS setting they will point to old host you have to configure to new IP server and address. This step where your domain register so makes sure you have id password of that domain registration website.

DNS take 48 hours to update to new server once its update you will get notified to your email address.