G Suite to Office 365

How to Migrate from Google Apps to Office 365 — Simple as ABC

Migrate from Google Apps to Office 365

Are you looking for data migration from G suite to Office 365 account? Well! Then, certainly you have landed on the right blog. In recent decades, the drastic innovation in information technology has changed the world in numerous ways. The cloud has become a viable platform for many of these organizations to store their valuable data. G suite was formerly known as the Google Apps. It also provides access to many applications i.e. Google Drive, Gmail, Calendars, Hangout, so-on. We all know that Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps are the most popular and leading competitors for business optimization in the cloud. Despite of having all the multiple useful features, the user wants to move from Google apps to Office 365.

We can proceed towards the importing process and know the different methods to export G Suite to Office

Perks to Migrate from Google Apps to O365

Wondering why every enterprise is switching to Office 365? The reason behind it is that different types of beneficence are being provided by cloud platforms regardless of their size, location and type of industries. Some of the important factors are mentioned below:

Efficient – You do not have to spend or invest huge amount of money on buying and maintaining equipment.

Data Security – The cloud renders many advanced security features which guarantees that data is stored and handled securely.

Scalability – Cloud-based solutions are ideal for companies that has increasing or fluctuating bandwidth requirements in order to migrate from google apps to O365.

Mobility – Cloud computing allows mobile access to corporate data through smartphones and devices, which is a great way to ensure that no one ever stays out of the loop.

Disaster recovery – Cloud-based services provide quick data recovery for all types of emergency or disastrous situations.

Competitive edge – Organizations that adopts cloud find that many of the benefits of the cloud is affecting positively for their business.

Approaches to Move from Google Apps to Office 365

There are two main techniques using which you can migrate Google apps to Office 365 account. First is manual method and another is automated.

Data Migration from G Suite to Office 365 – Manually

Step 1: Ensure that the Domain is your Own Domain

Step 2: Add the users to Office 365 Account

Step 3: Create every Gmail Mailbox List to Migrate

Step 4: Connect Office 365 to Gmail Account

Step 5: Create migration in bulk and start Gmail mailbox migration

Step 6: Update the DNS record in order to move from Google Apps to Office 365

Drawbacks to Migrate From Google Apps to O365

There are various shortcomings of the manual procedure for data migration from G suite to Office 365. Few of them are listed below:

  • Time consuming process
  • Difficult for Non-technical users
  • High chances of Data Loss
  • High Risk of file corruption
  • No assurance of fruitful migration

Instant Approach to Move from Google Apps to Office 365

If you are looking for an easy and reliable option to perform G Suite migration then, it is highly recommended to opt for some trusted third party tools such as SysTools G Suite to Office 365 Migration Software. It is a futuristic utility with many peculiar features that can easily transfer data present in Google app data to Office 365. It is capable to transfer all data items including email, contacts, documents, calendars, etc. It also renders customized filters that allows for an easy and quick migration process.

Features of the Tool to Move from Google Apps to Office 365

  1. Move all items of Google mailbox including Emails, Calendar, Contacts, Documents.
  2. Concurring migration of multiple user accounts.
  3. Date filter for range based migration.
  4. Priority based migration for data migration from G suite to Office 365.
  5. Provides pause and resume option.
  6. Generates detailed summary report.
  7. Compatible with all Windows versions like 10, 8.1, 8, etc.

Concluding Words

In the article mentioned above, we have discussed both the professional and the manual methods to Move from Google Apps to Office 365. Migrations are complex and need to be handled carefully especially manual ones such as G suite to Office 365 Migration or SharePoint data migration.The shortcomings of the manual method to migrate from Google apps to O365 includes that firstly, the user must have the full-fledged technical expertise and ample time to follow the steps wisely. It could also lead to data loss. So, it is on you, to decide the optimum method.