How to Move to Canada as a Skilled Graduate?

Canada’s excellent quality of life, low employment rates, and world-class education system make the country an attractive destination for new graduates. If you have just obtained a degree or are planning to immigrate to Canada after graduation, there are several steps to consider immigrating.

Express Entry – Canada PR

Express Entry is the most popular and fastest immigration route for interested foreigners immigration to Canada. Express Entry manages immigration applications in the economic migrant category as an online system and conducts invitation rounds twice a month to invite the highest-ranked applicants.
If you have more than one year of full-time work experience in Canada or your country of residence, you are eligible to apply under the following Economic Immigration Program managed by the IRCC.
a) Federal Skilled Workers
b) FSTP- federal skill Trade Program
c) CEC- Canadian Experience Class

To apply for the Express Entry, the following things are mandatory:

  1. language test score Report
  2. Evaluation of educational qualifications
  3. A valid passport or a copy of your travel document
  4. Health check and background check results
  5. Work Experience documents
  6. PCC
  7. Photo
  8. Biometrics
  9. Supporting documents etc.

Also please note that submitting the file does not guarantee an invitation to apply for permanent residence. The system scores files based on a person’s age, education, experience, language, etc, and additional factors such as work experience in Canada, jobs, and language proficiency. All factors improve the overall ranking system score (CRS ranking) and greatly increase the chances of getting an ITA.

Study Abroad Permit in Canada

Suppose you do not have sufficient work experience to qualify for Express Entry but wish to immigrate to Canada. You can consider the route of your Canadian study abroad permit and enroll in a Canadian higher education program. Canada is one of the major destinations for higher education and is favored by international students for its world-class universities, numerous employment opportunities, and excellent quality of life. After completing your education in Canada at the Registered institution (DLI), you will be eligible for a graduate work permit, will be able to live and work in Canada, and be guaranteed an invitation to an Express Invitation Round.

Immigrants as Entrepreneurs

The Government of Canada allows foreign entrepreneurs to move to Canada to start new businesses or buy existing businesses in certain areas. Each state of Canada runs immigration programs for aspiring entrepreneurs with different eligibility requirements and visa policies.
If you are a recent graduate who wants to set up a business in Canada, you need to check the eligibility criteria of the state you want to live in. Most of these immigration programs require only 6 months of work experience.
The Government of Canada is also implementing a startup visa program for innovative immigrant entrepreneurs who may boost the country’s economy with innovative business ideas.

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