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How To Get Online Power BI Course In 2023

How To Get Online Power BI Course In 2023

As technological advancement is stepping in, the business workspace is evolving at a rapid speed. Today businesses are looking for tools that can offer them precise visualization of the data. 

With such precision in data, they will have an insight analysis of their business operations and work to increase their productivity. One such solution that can make that possible is the Power BI tool. 

With Power BI Training, you can convert business data into a visualized form and use it for further use in decision-making. So if you want to know how to get online Power BI course, then you have landed on the right page where you will get complete information on the Power BI course. 

Why Power BI Course 

In this course, you will learn the basics to advanced level knowledge of Microsoft Power BI, DAX, and Power BI dashboards and how to deal with data, its transformation, and sources. 

Throughout the course, you will learn the fundamental concepts of Power BI with advanced concepts of modeling, DAX functionality, and how to explore data in dashboards and visualization. 

Also, you will learn how you can create custom data visualizations and style reports for smooth data representation. 

As Power BI offers cutting-edge tools to transform organization data into robust visuals, it also updates in real time. This, as a whole, provides businesses with a panoramic view of business important for decision-making. 

Also, the Power BI dashboard can run on many devices, and to organize data, it uses trans-formative visuals. Because of all these reasons, Power BI tools are excellent for businesses, and in this course, you will learn to handle this tool. 

This is a comprehensive course that will introduce you to the world of Power BI in detail and help you learn various concepts. 

In this course, you will learn how using Power BI, you can transform business data, what is BI desktop and how to utilize data with it and manage it. 

Also, you will learn how to connect data from numerous sources and how to model data with the BI desktop. You will learn in the course to create custom data visualizations and style reports. 

With these topics, you will learn how Power BI and Excel work, how you can share and collaborate with data using Power BI, and what are functions of Power BI DAX are. 

You will first learn the introduction of Power BI Data Analysis Expression or DAX with its features and functionality. 

So this course covers all the relevant topics of Power BI, and you can use it in your organization. 

Who Can Choose This Course 

If working with data is your passion, then you will find this course very helpful for you. This course in Power BI is useful for future developers, project managers, business analysts, and several other IT professionals. 

Thus through this course, you can choose from plenty of career opportunities that deal with data handling. 

What You Will Learn In This Course 

The course curriculum is well-designed for the students so that they can acquire all the relevant knowledge and skills of the Power BI tool. 

Unit 1 

The first unit is the introduction, and you will get to know about the basics of Power BI training. You will study guided learning for BI, the usage of Power BI, and its building blocks. 

With that, you will also have a quick glance at the BI service.

Unit 2

The second unit is on procuring business data, how to get started with BI desktop and how to connect to data sources on the desktop. 

You will learn in this unit how to clean and transform data using Query Editor and what the more advanced data sources are. Also, you will learn what data transformation methods are. 

Unit 3

The third unit is based on modeling, in which you will learn managing data relationships and modeling. You will learn in this unit how to create calculated columns and optimize data models for better visualization. 

With that, you will also learn how to create measures and deal with time–based BI functions and calculated tables. Also, you will learn how to explore time–based data for visualization. 

Unit 4

The fourth unit is on data visualizations, in which you will learn how to create and customize simple visualizations. 

In this unit, you will learn how to use combination charts, map visualizations, matrixes, tables, scatter charts, waterfall, funnel charts, single number cards, and gauges. 

You will learn to create and format slicers, modify colors in visuals and charts, and style reports with texts, shapes, images, and boxes. 

There are many more topics covered in this module, including page layout and formatting, how to duplicate a page report, and R visuals in Power BI. 

Unit 5

This unit is for exploring data, what are the Power BI services, how to create and configure a dashboard, and various other themes. 

Unit 6

This module is about Power BI and Excel, and you will learn how to work with both. 

Unit 7

The seventh unit is on the publishing and sharing of Power BI and includes knowledge of various other components of publishing and sharing in Power BI. 

Unit 8

This is the last module of the course in which you study the DAX and will get an introduction to it. Also, you will learn in this unit the calculation types and functions of DAX with other related topics. 

Your mentors are industry leaders who will share their years of experience with you and guide you throughout the course. In these 16 hours of instructor-led classes, you will acquire Power BI skills. 

What You Need Before Starting The Course 

Before starting this course, participants must have a basic level of knowledge of data working and how data visualization contributes to businesses. 

If you possess knowledge of data visualization and its role in business development, then you will understand course content easily and quickly. 

What You Will Accomplish After The Course 

After completing this course, you will master the concepts of Power BI and know how to turn business data into thoughtful and insightful visualization. 

So you will have tonnes of job opportunities in front with promising promotions and appealing payrolls.