Parenthood Points On Interacting Your Child

Parenthood Points On Interacting Your Child : Read to Know

Nowadays people are having often discussions about technology, education, business, and everything else but the morality of sound parenthood is still being compromised. Children are not getting the basic attention that is required and is a basic necessity. Reason? Parents are more indulged in smart devices and so does children.

Having knowledge about technology with the rapid trends is good as with the increasing competition it has become the necessary requisite. But if you let your children complete the race of advancing technology and keeping them apart from moral values and the true meaning of life, it is an absolute injustice. As the core values are at stake, not just for the preceding generation but for the forthcoming generations as well.


In a world full of innovations, the key role of parenthood becomes more important meanwhile. There is no harm in modesty but it should have a clear borderline so that your children could differentiate between do’s and don’ts. Generally, the basic education of a child begins from home. So teach your child morals, elevate their confidence, listen to their ideas, ask them to explain their views on any particular topic, engage them in physical activities either indoor or outdoor, intrigue their interests, motivate them and bring forth a unique personality of their own.

The schooling system is still in a phase of experimentation. Whatever the results could be concluded for a better educational system, parenthood still plays a vital role in shaping our generations. Therefore, observe, amend, and closely hear what your child is holding in and expressing.

Islam has reinforced the importance of education over and over again even Hadith states to acquire knowledge from the lap of the mother till death. Besides focusing on the physical and mental health of your children, their spiritual knowledge must be flourished with time. Like, at age of 7, teach them how to offer Salah and when they reach at age of 12, ask them to fast after conveying the teachings of Islam properly.

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With their gradual growth and understanding, teach them about the holy rituals of Umrah and Hajj. Plan their summer holidays for a journey to Umrah so that their souls get spiritually filled with the love of Allah and the Prophet (PBUH) and they could cherish divine blessings at each step of their life with the implementation of Islamic teachings. Enlighten their character by educating them appropriately and be your children a source of Sadqa Jariya even when the flight of your departure to the eternal world arrives.

Give a gift to your daughters

It is a Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) to show some special affection towards your daughters. He loves his all daughters and most of all, Fatima (R.A) was dear to him. So, as a parent, you should serve them well with gifts. It is the way to tell them that is precious and valuable to you. One of the precious gifts is your time and attention. The child is not materialistic at born but it is all about sensitivity and empathy. Your daughters are already facing a lot being a woman and in that case, be the parent who stands beside you. Remember that, if you’re standing beside holding their hand, they can achieve anything because your support brings up the exceptional.

Do not hit a child

Children may occur stubbornly or become outspoken. You have to show some patience at this time, don’t hit them and show absurdity. They are innocent individuals, make them feel comfortable and then talk to them politely. If they are acting in a certain way, there must be a reason, try to figure that out and then help them with the problem. Sometimes, they become oversensitive and are not allowed to talk about any particular thing. Disturbing thoughts can make them behave strangely and the only solution is to befriend them. They will not only listen to you but gradually they will learn kindness too.

Show affection for your children

Be their support, love them, talk to them listen to their stories. Be kind and humble as they are going to follow you. So, before you are about to chant them or speak loudly. They are going to do the same. Therefore, only show affection, feed them with love and they will follow your steps.

Play with your children

Spending time with your children also includes playing with them. Play with them, try new games be childish with them for that time. Teach them some life hacks and train them to be on their own. Something that seems little can have a great impact on their growing up minds. It helps them know their parents better and parents get to know the skills of their children.

Appreciate them

Don’t lose any moment of appreciating them. Help them know their behaviors and appreciate every little effort. They are always trying to behave like a better person so, be like a good parent and help them to be a nice person.

Respect Them

Children are not always demanding love and affection; they require respect too. It helps them in building self-respect and leads towards better self-esteem. If you want them to perform better in every field of life, let them know the value of self-respect. You can see some wondrous changes in their personalities when their ideas are taken seriously. It helps them grow some respect for themselves. Life is hard on them too, all they need is to get admired and loved.

Keep your promises

We often dodge our children by breaking little promises. Well, in the first place, if you can’t keep it, don’t say it. This is one of the crucial matters for your child’s growth. They learn from your behavior towards them and all the time you break a promise. They are hurt but later they will start thinking that it’s a normal thing to do. So, never try to dodge them with fake promises.

However, it is a matter of your child’s future. Less about the financials or adventure but more about building up the right characters that can serve society for betterment. Be careful about every little thing you tell them or do with them. They are sensitive individuals and have very pure hearts. Your single wrong act or word can destroy their clean heart. Therefore, be careful about feeding love to your children and just try to be kind and humble. No matter how stubborn they are, you should be just kind to them in every matter.

Get their consent while you’re planning anything even if it’s only about the Travel plan, they feel themselves as important persons of the house. So, this is the right way to make the best out of your children and help them grow as a person that is better for society.