laundry detergent fundraiser

Profitable Solutions Fundraising- Helping You Reach your Fundraising Goal!

Fundraising is an amazing way for any small group or organization to raise money in order to meet their financial goals. With custom-tailored fundraising programs, your organization can build a laundry detergent fundraiser that meets your requirements by offering everyday products at affordable prices.

And we at Profitable Solutions Fundraising come up with an eccentric collection of every use products. Our team will provide you with valuable insights to augment your fundraiser’s profitability. Profitable Solutions Fundraising offers practical and profit-making fundraising opportunities for non-profit organizations as it comes up with products that hold the purpose for every household. The main highlight is that the products are about half the price of the same retail products.

We offer detergents for both regular washes and high-efficiency units and this is the reason, we claim that our laundry detergent fundraiser program will help your organization earn the money it requires!

How can we help you?

Our products at Profitable Solutions Fundraising are high-quality detergents with newfangled aroma. Organizations fundraising with Profitable Solutions Fundraising can help achieve your goals no matter how small or big the team may be. We have helped hundreds of different types of organizations host a laundry detergent fundraiser every year. So why not give us a chance to help your organization with the best fundraiser in the United States.

School Fundraisers

Schools generally lack adequate funding and therefore require fundraising to help offset costs for equipment and technology. We completely understand how difficult it might be to come up with ideas to achieve what the students need. And we are proud to help all types of schools including public, private, daycare, and more.

Dance Groups

Whether big or small, we help dance teams raise necessary funds to help pay the cost associated with outfits, accessories, out of town trip expenses, and much more.

Basketball Teams

Basketball is a very popular sport among all age groups. We can help your sports team raise money for various items like uniforms, basketball accessories, shoes, traveling expenses, etc. We provide you the confidence to win in every game that you play.

Organizations that could benefit from our fundraiser programs include churches, class trips, cheerleading squad, nonprofit groups, choirs, and any other group or cause needing to raise adequate funds. So what are you waiting for? We can help you raise a successful fundraiser!