Reasons to Prefer Online Grocery Shopping Over Offline

It is now common to see people shopping online to fulfil their needs. Right from fashion, beauty to daily requirements people are inclined to online shopping. Online grocery shopping is the next big thing to look out for. The food industry has made its way to the home delivery market. Like many other e-commerce business, online grocery shops also have a wide variety of products when compared to the availability of items at a local store. In online grocery shopping, you can also easily navigate through different categories and find your essentials. 

Over the last decade, online shopping was started and became a trend across the globe. Though e-commerce giants like Alibaba and Amazon are dominating the global share, there are a lot of new marketplaces that are doing great business. They have made your grocery shopping easy & convenient. Below are a few reasons that suggest you why you should go with online grocery shopping.

Save Your Valuable Time

The first and foremost point is you can save your time by shopping for groceries online. You do not have to drive to a supermarket, find parking, search & pick the food items and finally waiting at the billing counter can be a challenging task. Online shopping saves your precious time as you can place your order right from your mobile or desktop. One such popular e-grocery shop is MetroMart that has partnered with various physical stores and delivers all essentials to your home. You can also get hefty discounts on your order with MetroMart promo codes.

24/7 Shopping

Most of us might have arrived at a supermarket late during the closing hours or even find it closed. Moreover, people in the workforce do not always manage to be present on time at the store during the opening hours. While an online store is always open for orders. Consumers can shop anytime and from anywhere to order the groceries online.

Availability of Items

Some people might be wondering about the availability of the required grocery items. Online grocery stores have a wide variety of options to choose from. You can find items from famous brands and also you will have the benefit of enjoying imported goods. You can get all the fresh fruits & vegetables, dairy products, bakery foods, snacks, canned foods, frozen foods, meat, etc. When it comes to stock, every product might not be available due to limited storage space. These limitations are not applicable to an online store as they can offer plenty of items to customers than a physical store.

Home Delivery

This feature is absolutely one of the best as the grocery items get delivered right at your doorstep. Home delivery service not only saves your time, also, you no longer need to worry about the heavy shopping bags too. Many of the major players offer same day delivery & next day delivery service. You can also choose your desired time slot at the time of order.

Easy Returns

You have the option of returning items too if you don’t want them or if they aren’t fresh. When it comes to in-store, after your purchase you cannot return those items as you must have already checked them before making a purchase. Online stores allow you to contact customer care where they will process your return request and refund the amount.

Flexible & Spontaneous Shopping

In-store shopping comes with some restrictions in terms of product availability as they are available only on certain time frames. On the other hand, online grocery helps consumers in planning ahead of their grocery shopping. So, from the time of order to delivery it flexibly fits in their schedule. You can order any item instantly at just your fingertips.

Competitive Prices

This is one of the best advantages of online grocery shopping. You can shop for better prices in online grocery shop than in offline stores. Products are priced low with a view to draw attention from many people and also to increase brand awareness.


Usually, consumers buy the same quantity of items for daily requirements. But purchasing them again by going to a supermarket every fortnight can be a tiring task. In online grocery shopping, you can reorder all the items you have once ordered. With just one tap you can add items to the cart. You can also make few changes to your cart and you can complete shopping within few minutes.

Price Comparisons

When it comes to in-store, finding the best prices can be time-consuming. In online grocery shopping you can easily make the price comparisons with the price filters. With a greater number of grocery stores evolving, now you can easily compare the prices of items on various online portals and purchase your required products with the lowest prices.

Clean Shopping

In offline grocery shopping, you need to walk through all sections of products and pick them. You also have to keep moving the shopping carts and you often tend to misplace the items in different racks. This can be an additional task for the workforce of the supermarket. They also have to mop the floor twice a day to keep it clean. All these troubles do not exist in online grocery shopping. As soon as you place your order, they will pack your items in a carton and deliver it to you.

Make Savings with Incredible Discounts

To gain customers trust and also to attract them, online stores offer unbeatable discounts on various categories. Some online grocery shops offer deals on combo packages and bestselling products. While some offer loyalty points and rewards to retain customers. You can also find an option to use vouchers like Lazada coupon codes during the checkout process to avail additional savings.

Quality Assurance

All the food & grocery items in online grocery shopping are fresh and undergo quality checks. Items are packed with the utmost care and are delivered safely to the customer. If there is any damage you can request for a replacement tor refund of the product according to your convenience.

On the whole, online grocery shopping is not only convenient but also encourages you to save money. Amidst your busy lives, you can prefer to shop groceries online and save your time. You can get all these above advantages and a unique online shopping experience.