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Reasons to Try Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business

Texting is not only a convenient means to chat with family and friends. It is also a great mobile promotion tool for small companies. Still, some corporate owners are reluctant to use text messages as a marketing tool because they think the platform is not effective. Here are the reasons why you ought to consider using text message marketing for your small company today.

Here 5 Reasons to Try Text Message Marketing

 1. It is Opt-In

Many outdated forms of advertising depend on the law of big numbers to be successful. By sending your marketing message to the broadest possible audience, you have a better chance of reaching potential customers. These types of ads require you to spend cash on marketing SMS that many customers will simply ignore or quickly forget.

SMS marketing, in contrast, depends on consumer subscriptions. This means that your target customers must first register to receive offers and promotional messages. Opt-in promotion has excellent benefits for small businesses. One being, consumers who get your messages, have already invested heavily in your product or brand; else, they would not have registered. Another plus is that the subscription model, moreover, means you don’t waste money or time on disinterested customers. As with email marketing, most text marketing tools make it easy for customers to opt-out.

 2. It is Engaging

In case you are like most customers, you most likely read an SMS when it reaches your inbox. Most SMS are read-only a few minutes after receiving it. Consumers have become accustomed to flooding their email inboxes with unwanted and spam adverts. Also, many consumers check their email inbox no more than one time or two times a day. Texts inboxes are currently largely contractually reserved for reading messages immediately.

This occurrence has clear advantages for entrepreneurs. Customers on your text messages contact list are not only willing to participate in your marketing campaign but are almost certain to read your texts carefully when it is sent. Text marketing isn’t going to be as attractive as other forms of advertising, but it’s a great investment for your buck, to deliver your messages straight to engaged customers and get them to go through those texts quickly.

 3. It is Fast

Much of the demand for SMS advertising lies in its quickness, both for the promoter and the customer. Unlike long email adverts, text messages generally contain one or two sentences, sometimes with a link to a site with the promotion details. Consumers are likely to read full messages because they are so short. Text messages might also be delivered at the convenience of the consumer, so they are not as intrusive as phone calls or web pop-ups.

 The shortage of text messages also benefits a small proprietor who doesn’t have much time. Planning and implementing an SMS promotion is easy and quick, and requires much less initial planning than old-style ads.

 4. It is Economical

Small proprietors, in particular, can take advantage of SMS advertising because it is inexpensive. Sending a text is much economical than placing a complete ad for a prospective buyer. Prices differ, but on many platforms, your company can send messages for a few cents. In the meantime, bulk packages permit you to send a lot of messages per month at a relatively low price. Given the power of text marketing to target directly engaged consumers, it provides an affordable solution for small proprietors on a budget.

 5. It is Interactive

Scheduling an interactive text promotion is a great way to make the message engaging and fun, and there are many ways to implement that. By posting your message as a fragment of a survey or questionnaire, your audience is encouraged to read more carefully and become a dynamic participant. Offering a free SMS response option is an added incentive for users to interact with your product. Meanwhile, adding a link to a video or entertaining images with additional details about your campaign encourages consumers to do more research.

Finally, in case you are planning to start a small business, consider using text message marketing. It will promote your business growth.