Sexual Harassment Training

How Sexual Harassment Training Can Benefit Companies

Sexual harassment in the workplace can be a terrifying thing for admin, but it is a nightmare come true for many who are forced to live with it. We must stand up for those who suffer from sexual harassment and work towards providing a safe workspace where everyone feels comfortable and capable of performing their job.

Not only does training benefit former victims, but it also helps keep companies safe. After the #MeToo movement, many employers found themselves with scandals on their hands. The silent victims were able to come forward in a way they felt held no repercussions.

Victims of sexual harassment often feel they should not report the harassment as the possible repercussions outweigh any potential benefit. What victims forget are sexual harassers who are not shown the error in their ways continue to more victims who may not be able to brush off the harassment as easily.

How Training Affects the Individual

Sexual harassment training has positive impacts on many levels, as shown here by HG Legal Resources. For individuals, it helps them feel the company cares about them. They will feel more open and able to come forward should anything happen. If an incident occurs, they also understand that the perpetrator has had the same training. With sexual harassment training for the entire company, the excuse that they “didn’t know any better” is thrown out the window.

Not only does it help potential victims, but it also lets people learn about what is appropriate in the workplace. Many people feel sexual innuendoes and being flirtatious are perfectly fine in the workplace because they see them on television and in movies so often. With training, they are allowed to unlearn those practices and find an appropriate time and place for such things. Sexual harassment training does not mean they have to eliminate interacting with people entirely, they need to be done at a proper time and place, so they do not make people uncomfortable.

How Training Affects a Company

Training employees to act appropriately at work helps the entire company. Not only will employees be more focused on working, but the company also avoids potential lawsuits and defamation from sexual harassment scandals becoming public knowledge.

New York City and New York State also require certain levels of sexual harassment training. As pointed out on Traliant, sexual harassment training, a company must meet at least the minimum standards of sexual harassment training or be reprimanded by both the city and state.

The training is a simple process that will take much less time and resources than a sexual harassment issue. When someone is accused of sexual harassment, an investigation must be conducted to determine if the accusations are true. Resources must also be used to help the victim find a safe place to work away from the accused. Many employers may let the victim take time off to help with recovery from the abuse. With training, harassment can be avoided altogether.

How Training Affects a Company’s Image

As stated above, companies have witnessed scandals over sexual harassment accusations. When these accusations are made public, it puts a bad light on the company. It takes a substantial amount of time for the company to be forgiven if the public feels action was not taken soon enough or if the claims were not investigated thoroughly.

A company’s public image is highly important in the modern age. Your company’s effort in outlining how making sexual harassment training mandatory can positively affect your company’s brand. People associate sexual harassment training with staff who feel safe in the workplace. When staff feels safe in a workplace, they produce better products by feeling more comfortable in their environment.

By keeping a bad light off a company, you welcome good associations with the company. When people enjoy a company, they will continue working with and buying from the company.

The Importance of Sexual Harassment Training

Having staff who are well versed in what is sexual harassment and how to avoid it can have positive effects on multiple aspects of a company. Employees feel safer, the company saves resources through prevention, and the company’s image is put in a good light.

By focusing on the safety of the individual, we provide a healthy work environment which leads to a plethora of positive effects. A strong team works best when they are comfortable and safe. With mandatory sexual harassment training, you are preparing for the future and keeping your employees on the same page. Sexual harassment should not be tolerated and in providing this training, you are reminding employees of that fact.

Your employees will feel safe and secure knowing their company is able to provide them with knowledge on how to prevent and report sexual harassment.