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Singapore Dream cruise
Singapore Dream cruise

Singapore is the norm and the perfect cruise destination all over the world. It is the sappy and diverse city with mesmerizing attractions and famous landmarks for thrill tourists. Singapore is also known as The Lion City, and has countless skyscrapers, shopping centers, stunning theme parks, national forests, and serene botanica, which makes it the norm holiday destination. If you have hours to spend before you are going the cruise from Singapore Cruise Centre, there are plenty of fun things to do on a city tour and sightseeing places for every age group. The best time to visit Singapore tour is all year round.

Singapore Cruise Casino Club 

If you are on Singapore cruise you should try the casino club.  Try your luck in the casino and if you are lucky then you can earn your cruise amount. If you don’t like casino games then you should try the casino party. In the casino club, there is a buffa where you take anything. The casino opens for full night and full day you can go any time. This place is amazing for everything. There was a great energy for the party. You can stop your sale to dance.          

Singapore Cruise Night Club

night party
Nigth Party

There is a BAR in the night club. At night club there an all-night party on a night cruise. You can take anything from the night bar. You can stop to dance and play party games. There are many kinds of drinks. If you like drinks then this place just for you. You can buy drinks combo package for youself and your friends. If someone does not like a drink so there is a buffet option for them and a separate bar for mocktails. You can enjoy limitless freedom in the night club.             

 Pool Party on Cruise 

pool party

There is a pool on dack. On pool there is a bar. The pool party happens every day in the morning. You can play with ball with your friends. You can take food from the pool buffet. You and your friends will enjoy this pool party. You can do a pool dance. If you don’t like party you can take sunbath and sleep. You can sit on the sun roof deck and read a book and relax. If you like to take breakfast at the pool place you can take it. Cruise Pool party is a heaven for party lovers.

Dinner in Singapore Cruise 

Singapore cruise dinner
Singapore cruise dinner

Singapore is a haven for foodies. There you have multiple options for cafes and food items. On Singapore cruise when you feel hungry you can order food for you. There you can find limitless food items.  If you like Indian dinner, chinese dinner, Japanese dinner, Thai dinner and many more. The unparalleled view of Singapore’s cityscapers and skyline reveals itself. As you go for the golden hour and sun go down, the ship turns south and slowly maneuvers through Singapore’s Southern Islands of St John’s.

Singapore Cruise Spa


If you are in Singapore, you should not miss spa treatment. There are many kinds of treatments available such as acupressure massages, Abdominal massage, Thai massages, deep tissue massage therapy, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic massage, Indian head massage, and Lomi Lomi massage. Different type of massages gives you different benefit. Ayurvedic massage gives you health, hair, and skin benefits. Thai massages give you natural benefits. Indian head massage give health benefits. You should put your spa appointment in the last day on Singapore cruise. If you are on Singapore cruise this is one of the best things to do.          

Kuala Lumpur City Tour

Kuala Lumpur city
Kuala Lumpur city

If you are in Singapore cruise Royal carbon you can also enjoy Kuala Lumpur city tour. In Kuala Lumpur city you can see Petronas Towers, Menara KL Tower, Chinatown, Batu Caves, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Jalan Alor, Aquaria KL Convention Centre, Central Market, and Perdana Botanical Gardens. Petronas Towers is a 42-floor sky building. Menara K L tower is a world-famous mall. There you can find many branded things you can buy from here.  Menara KL Tower is mall and biggest building on Kuala Lumpur. Central market a local market you can find a gift for your loved ones.  

Shopping on a high-end cruise

singapore cruise welcome
Singapore Cruise welcome

There is a great market in cruise. You can buy anything from here. There you can find only branded things. There are many luxury things to buy. If you like luxury things so this place is for you for shopping. And when it comes to shopping in the Royal Caribbean Singapore Cruise, you can find the most luxurious and happening things onboard. Whether you want to shop for some jewelry or some high-end clothes, you can find the perfect brands onboard, ranging from Versace to Coach to Bvlgari, and what not.    


Singapore Nigth party
Singapore Nigth party

On Singapore Royal carbon you can enjoy skyline also. If you want to see the skyline you have to go on deck at night. When you will see skyline you will be mesmerized.