goat milk soap

Skin Whitening Effects of Goat Milk Soap

It is not a secret that milk and goat milk especially is beneficial for the skin. Its curious benefits have been noticed since ancient times, and it has even been suggested that mighty queen Cleopatra herself bathed in goat milk to maintain her youthful look and bright skin. 

In an attempt to prove the evidence behind this ancient beauty myth, scientists have confirmed that goat milk-based products undoubtedly contain many properties that help keep your skin fresh, white, and healthy. As it seems, Cleopatra was right because goat milk is packed with alpha-hydroxy and caprylic acids- efficient and natural materials that help your skin eliminate dead skin cells leaving behind only smooth, healthy cells.  

Today, as we all need to make steady changes to be sustainable and healthier so we can all live healthier and longer lives, it is easy to trust fast consumer products that promise healthier skin, of which we know little about. 

Indeed, you do not have to be a doctor or a scientist to know that the biggest organ in your body, absorbs everything that later goes into your body. What you put onto your skin is more important than you think. When we delve into personal care products, we cannot notice how little natural products were actually natural and what is represented as “natural”. However, this is so challenging that a normal consumer would never know the answer. While some suppliers are still using a wide range of chemicals to process these raw products, others are trying to produce environmentally friendly goat soaps without compromising their structure and efficiency.

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Feed Your Skin

Well-nourished skin is happy skin. With a simple search on the internet, you can find all the essential micronutrients contained in goat’s milk, all of which can maintain your skin’s natural light and vitality. Luckily, goat milk can provide us with all these ingredients without the preservatives and additives we used our skin with all this time. 

Goat milk contains A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, and E nutrients necessary for the skin. There are many other properties proven to rejuvenate the skin. For instance, goat milk contains traces of zinc, selenium, copper and even iron which is what your skin needs to stay nourished over a long period of time. But where can I buy goat milk soap and natural goat milk soap? Make sure you find a trustworthy supplier that does not endorse the use of chemicals, additives, and preservatives which can be easily absorbed into the body.

Provide a Deep Yet Gentle Cleanse for the Skin

Organic milk soaps should not contain harmful chemicals as their beneficial natural elements are already enough in these handmade soaps. One renowned element in goat milk soaps is natural lactic acid which is efficient in removing your skin’s impurities and stains, acting as a natural exfoliant as the milk also contains alpha-hydroxy acid that can break the link between the cells. Moreover, AHA or alpha-hydroxy is also a fantastic tool in repairing damaged skin making your skin look more supple and brighter over time. 

If you’re dealing with sensitive skin, it might be worth knowing that goat milk soaps are gentler with your skin compared to other regular soaps. In other words, goat milk-based soaps do not harm your skin, but in change, it does moisturize it, so you will not need moisturizers or lotions afterward. 

Provides you with anti-aging properties

Goat milk with its abundance of nutrients actually “feeds” the skin and penetrates the skin cell walls supplying calcium similar to patches applied to the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E. These are crucial in fighting back skin damage caused by free radicals that can damage all the cells in your body. The merged strength of exfoliant properties and antioxidants from goat milk soaps can actually hinder the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. 

Goat milk is rich in fat molecules, and protein and naturally contains glycerine which heightens its moisturizing qualities. It is a natural moisturizer, and it gets quickly absorbed by the skin-lightening treatment, creating a boundary that keeps it delicate and protected. Moreover, given its creamy texture, goat milk soap can easily get in-between gaps and cell cracks, providing that soft texture. 

Efficient UV protection

Another great benefit we get from goat milk-based soaps is selenium which is crucial for skin protection against the damaging effects of UV rays.

It goes without saying that sun exposure is one of the most common causes of skin cancer. How does goat milk’s selenium protect my skin? Selenium adds an extra layer of skin protection, impeding inflammation and cell damage caused by UV rays. Indeed, the goat milk soap won’t provide you with the exact same properties as the sunscreen when it comes to intense UV rays, so make sure you keep using sunscreen while outside.

Properties of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

These attributes come from proteins present in the milk. Goat milk-based skin care products help you keep at bay acne, causing bacteria, and kill any germs that have already caused a breakout. The same proprieties work wonders in treating other skin infections such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and several types of dermatitis.

Deep and gentle cleanse

This is one of the many reasons why people rely on goat milk soaps. They do not contain harmful chemical compounds or harsh detergents we usually find in common soaps. Goat milk soaps contain a naturally occurring lactic acid which is elemental for the skin’s glowing and clean appearance.

Rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, goat milk soap encourages the growth of new skin cells, repairing and making your skin look healthier and more vibrant.

The curious effects of milk goats cannot be overlooked. It is more natural than other so-called natural soaps and has no added parabens, detergents, fragrances, alcohols, petroleum, and other harmful chemicals that made people lose their trust in so many skincare products.