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Educational Math Games To Supplement Online Math Tutoring

Online tutoring has become the go-to option for parents to get their children one-on-one learning sessions. No doubt, there are improvements observed in children once they enroll themselves in an online tutoring program. But along with online tutoring, other supplement tools provide a lot of help with conceptual understanding. Mathematics is one subject that needs more effort as it’s a tough nut to crack. Thus, taking the help of supplement apps and tools is fruitful in many ways. Using these supplement apps brings a fun element in the learning process. Even you can teach these apps to your children and spend some quality time with them.

How games help with math learning

Mathematics is the most feared subject in schools. This is mostly because children don’t see math work as fun. Very few children enjoy solving math problems. Most of them are okay with getting a passing grade. Thus, they don’t even seek out additional help to learn mathematics. By teaching mathematics with the help of supplement apps you can introduce the mathematics in a fun way.

The national council of teachers of mathematics has published an article that states that by playing mathematical games, children grasp the concepts faster. Many games in the digital domain incorporate mathematical concepts. The theoretical concepts that the children learn in the classroom are applied in solving these games. These games are helpful in the following ways:

  1. When the human body is in a playful mode, then the chemical, dopamine is released in the brain. This triggers more focus and interest in the game. As the child gets more excited about this activity, he or she caves for more. This positive mindset helps in retaining tough mathematical concepts.
  2. Important skills like problem-solving, strategic thinking, computational fluency, etc. can be taught by playing these games.
  3. Since repetition is important to learn concepts, playing the games periodically does the trick. The children can learn the concepts for life.

Some of the games that can be used as a supplement to an online mathematics tutor are:

Card games

Card games are the best way to teach maths to children while having fun. Children will learn concepts like counting, recognition, and probability by playing any card game. Score keeping also brings in additional mathematical concepts in play. They also learn the concepts of strategic thinking. Based on your child’s age, you can introduce them to card games. For starters, Uno or Crazy Eights are good games to play.


Monopoly is the best family game that checks all the requirements. This classic board game teaches concepts like counting, probability, addition, subtraction, etc. They also get to learn how to wisely spend money and save for the future. Children are also exposed to real world concepts like taxes, investment, property value, etc. These are some important life lessons that your child would need for the future.

Math learning center

The 11 apps in the math learning center are designed based on visual models from Bridges in mathematics. Some concepts that children can learn from these apps are fractions, geoboard, number frames, pattern shapes, etc. This app isn’t set on a gaming format but is a good alternative to flashcards and worksheets.

Dragon box

These are a set of apps that are designed to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra, geometry, and many such mathematical concepts. These apps use motivation-based learning techniques to explain these concepts. Thus, it becomes very easy for a child to understand mathematics and their interest in this subject increases further.


In this game, a player has to roll five dice to get a certain number. There are 13 categories like a full house, three of a kind, etc. for which a player plays. This game helps with score keeping, counting, and strategic thinking to the children. The higher graders can learn probability by calculating number combinations needed at each step of the game.

So, you have checked some of the best maths apps and tools for your child. If you are still unsure in picking one, then you can decide based on your child’s requirement. Most of these apps and games are available at reasonable prices. We wish the best for your child’s future.