The 5 DIY Best Simple Face Masks Of All Time

The 5 DIY Best Simple Face Masks Of All Time

Relax and lean back. Because with these self-made or DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) face masks, you will not only feel like new but also look pretty fresh.

Take a break from the worries of daily life. Calm down, relax, and do something good for yourself and your skin – with a face mask, you can treat yourself to a little break. Good face masks do not have to be expensive and enriched with a thousand ingredients because you can make effective masks yourself and with the usual foods that you have in the household.

A look in the fridge is enough and with healthy ingredients, such as avocado, honey, and cottage cheese, we can quickly enrich ourselves. So even beyond the typical cucumber mask, we introduce you to extraordinary, but easy-to-mimic masks for different skin needs and explain how to mix them yourself.

Before You Start: The Little Face Mask-Knigge

One to a maximum of twice a week you should treat yourself to a mask. In winter, the skin is particularly stressed by dry air and cold temperatures; but even in summer, it is attacked by heat and air conditioning. Therefore, in the cold months, one should instead look for a rich mask, e.g., with avocado put in the summer light with tea tree oil and lemon juice, which nicely moisturizes the skin enough.

However, what should be considered before the application? The skin should be well cleaned and free from fats. So it can absorb the ingredients best and has a long-lasting effect in retrospect. To make this effect even more visible, make a small exfoliation preparation that removes the dead skin cells and makes the skin even more radiant. Also, the pores are open more.

So you can mix an organic body scrub yourself by combining the coffee grounds from breakfast with a little coconut oil and massaging with circular movements on the face.

Most masks should work for the best possible effect of around 20 minutes. Over time, they can become hard, so it is advisable to remove the remains of the face with a warm glove and wash thoroughly. After the mask, a light day or night cream is sufficient as care. The skin will be nourished by the mask so well that serums or concentrates are superfluous.

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Against Wrinkles

Making Masks Yourself: Against Wrinkles - Face Masks

For This You Need:

1 teaspoon of honey (best manuka honey)
50g barley flour
1 egg white

Beat the egg whites with snow and mix with 50 grams of barley flour and honey. Apply the mass thickly to the cleansed face and let it work for 20 minutes. Then wash off well.

With its antioxidants, honey helps to compensate for small or large dryness lines as so-called “liquid gold.” For example, honey is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on acne, and it also contains a large amount of moisture and is, therefore, a good remedy for wrinkles.

Against Blemished Skin

Make Masks Yourself: Against Blemished Skin - face mask

For This You Need:

1/2 teaspoon of honey
2 teaspoons of cooked pumpkin (best Hokkaido pumpkin)
1 shot of milk

Mix everything and use it on the face with a spoon. Approximately Allow to soak in for 15 minutes and then cleanse the face of the remains.

The flesh in pumpkins has many useful properties: Vitamin A, C, and zinc, which have an antioxidant effect, purify and cleanse dirty areas. The perfect synergy with honey.

For Dry Skin

Make Masks Yourself: For Dry Skin - face mask

For This You Need:

1/2 avocado
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1 egg white

Core the avocado and purée the pulp. Meanwhile, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and mix with the egg whites. Apply the mass to the face, let it soak in, and take off again after 15 minutes. Already the skin should feel wonderfully soft.

Avocados are healthy and support many processes. With its unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, B, and E, which not only strengthen the skin but also stimulate the formation of new cells and slow down the aging process, it softens dry skin again.

For Oily Skin

Make Masks Yourself: For Oily Skin - face mask

For This You Need:

5 drops of tea tree oil
1 egg white
1 to 2 sips of lemon

Top the egg whites until foamy and add one or two drops of lemon juice. Then add a few drops of tea tree oil and mix everything. Apply the slightly foamy texture to the face and let it work for 15 minutes. Then wash off well.

A tea tree oil mask is very light and does not weigh. The skin is smaller pores and is calmed by the tea tree oil.

The Cucumber Mask

Almost everyone knows this mask, so here’s the most straightforward and fastest recipe:

For This You Need:

1/2 cucumber
2 to 4 tablespoons curd cheese

Chop half the cucumber and mince in the blender. Mix the resulting cucumber juice with up to four tablespoons of cottage cheese and apply the mixture to the skin. To complement the classic, put a slice of cucumber on each eye. If the cucumber slices are placed on the face, then freckles will be brightened, by the way.

The classic cucumber mask in combi with quark makes problem skin shine again, and the skin appears fine-pored.

For Redness

Make Masks Yourself: For Redness - face mask

For This You Need:

2 tablespoons of pure aloe vera juice
1 teaspoon of dry yeast
1-2 teaspoons of honey (depending on consistency)

Reinforces the soothing effect by washing with lukewarm Hamamelis water. It acts astringent on the beautiful blood vessels.

A blend of aloe vera juice and honey soothes the skin and helps against redness. Add a little dry yeast. The yeast cells stabilize the acid mantle of the skin.

For a More Beautiful Skin Appearance

Make Masks Yourself: For a More Beautiful Skin Appearance

This vegan face mask should provide a more excellent skin appearance:

For This You Need:

Crush 2 large strawberries
1 teaspoon of ground oatmeal or oatmeal
crushed papaya or pureed pineapple
1 teaspoon of almond flour

Rinse with warm water after 10-15 minutes.

In case Of Sunburn

Make Masks Yourself: In Case Of Sunburn

In the case of a light sunburn, foods such as yogurt, quark, avocado, papaya, and cucumber can help, even aloe vera juice helps against the redness.

Our DIY Recommendation:

100 ml of aloe vera juice
150 grams of quark
half a papaya

Puree the papaya, add cottage cheese and aloe vera juice. If the mix is too fluid, you can also add a teaspoon of honey. Leave for half an hour and rinse gently.

Healing Earth

Make Masks Yourself: Healing Earth

For This You Need:

2 tablespoons of healing earth
4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
To a thick paste stir. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water after 15 minutes.

For dry skin, it is not the right thing, but impure and oily skin brings it back into balance and is considered a real cleaning mask. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and decongestant, and can relieve itching. When applied moistly, the healing clay binds excess sebum, skin fat, and bacteria to the facial skin. If you like, you can mix the healing clay with apple cider vinegar instead of water.

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