pharmaceutical industry

The Pharma Industry: An option for fresh aspirants

As the world came to a standstill in the recent past, public is still being confined to their homes to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. One sector which has come to the forefront is ‘pharma and medicine’. Amid the pandemic, the world witnessed the velocity of development in the pharma sector as it has become one of the world’s fastest-growing industry in the past few months. This sector has presented a need for highly trained individuals who are both experienced and exposed to the much-specialised skills that are unique to biotechnology.

What is the pharmaceutical industry?

Pharmaceutical industry deals in generic or branded medicines and medical devices. The basic job of this industry is to discover, develop, produce, and market drugs for medical purposes. It aims to cure patients, vaccinate them, and relieve their symptoms.

Current scenario

In India, the number of seats for pharmacy courses increased to 2,62,698 in 2019-20 from 2,04,951 in 2018-19, while the number of institutes increased to 3,276 from 2,306 in the same period, according to data from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Furthermore, the Government of India will be increasing public health spending to 2.5% of the country’s GDP in the next five years, IBEF suggests. It presents a golden opportunity for aspirants who desire to build a career in the pharmaceutical industry. 

India has become the largest distributor of generic drugs globally. As per IBEF, India’s pharma industry supplies more than 50% of global demand for various vaccines, 40% of generic demand in the US and 25% of all medicines in the UK securing India an imperative position in the global pharmaceutical market.


Recently, India has been churning out more pharmaceutical professionals than ever. Also, the top pharmaceutical companies such as Sun Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Divi’s Laboratories, Aurobindo Pharma and Cipla, which have been the market players this year, need more experts to meet the market demand globally. The burgeoning demands in research and development in the pharma sector have given rise to many jobs. It is the best opportunity for those aspirants who have always been looking for a lucrative career.

What is B. Pharma admission criteria?

Pharmacy is taught at various levels and applicants need to meet the requisite eligibility requirements for the specific course to get admission to any of the Pharmacy courses. Students pursuing this course at UG/PG/Diploma/PhD level will be studying the course curriculum including industrial training, specialised topics, projects, and internships. They will also get to learn communication skills, environmental science, ethical practices, and regulations of the Pharmacy Council of India. Apart from this, academia is gearing up with a new curriculum, skill-based bridge course and special placement drives.

The course requires basic skills that will help you to prosper in pharmacy. These include computer skills and proficiency in other soft skills. You may step towards a bright future by opting for this course as your career option.