Failure in the Exam

Things to Do If You Get Bad Result or Failure in the Exam

“Failure in the exam” is one of the most common matters. In today’s world, people can’t believe this eternal truth. Even people are denied eternal issues of nature.

What was the need to pass or test if ‘fail’ does not exist?

Just keep the certificate in the court file what will happen?

Is a good result everything of human beings?

What happens if a characterless people filled with certificates? He is like a pearl of a snakehead!

Then, why so much suicide after announcing results in every year?

There was no such result was declared in the country that after the announcement of the results, the students did not commit suicide.

So what’s that? Did I lie to you? Why this suicide?

Our parents can’t avoid responsibility

Why they said, neighbor’s son Karim passed the exam, why not you? He got the GPA-5, why did not you?

The question is our parents.

I’m talking about this with a specialist doctor, Doctor tells me that children do not have to compare with one another’s. There is nothing good but loss.

A few days ago, the student of Victoria College, Arindam Soikot, committed suicide. He got the GPA-5 in Physics, but only dropped on ICT. Did not he have talent?

Can you imagine!! Just because of failing, one makes a suicide.

The problem is that I feel many parents are not behaving sympathetic after the results have been published.

Last year, after the board results were published, I had a conversation with a guardian. Her daughter did not get GPA-5. Get GPA-4.88. I saw him very frustrated. According to him, the future direction of his daughter has been spoiled!

This is the posture of our parents!

Competition is good, but it must not be in exchange for life.

Those who want to kill themselves I want to say them the life of human beings can’t continue with emotion. Life is too big. You killed yourself and went away, what would be your advantage?

The emotion is a candle
Which goes out after a while,
And the conscience is the sun
Which never ceases.

So life will have to be driven not by emotion but by conscience.

Some words for parents

Now, I want to write things to do after failure in the exam for both students and parents.

Those who have bad or very bad results in public exams, guardians will hug their children. Because now your rebuke and containment will not make any change in the results. On the contrary, may be counterproductive.

Then why so much talk?

Why did not you care about the child before the exam?

If you fulfill your responsibilities before exam hope this situation would not have happened today. Now you will give affection and love. There must be something good behind what has happened. We do not understand what is really good for anything. If the world-famous wealthy Steve Jobs did not drop out the University, he could not make the Apple Computer. If the Apple Company did not release him then he could not create a pixel animation. He said that everything I had in my life in the past was good for me although it did not seem right at first.

Don’t be broken by any situation. Do not be upset. Patients always win. Surely something better is waiting.

Defeat is not the end

Abraham Lincoln said-

The defeat is not the end; the journey is just a little long.

Bill Gates said-

“Once I dropped a few subjects, but my friend passed all the subjects. Now he is a Microsoft engineer, and I’m the founder of Microsoft.”

Bill Gates also failed in the examination. But he is the founder of Microsoft today because he did not stop his life by failing. And his friend is Microsoft’s Engineer.

I would like to mention Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam Azad’s two quotes about success:

To achieve success, you must be fully dedicated to your goals.

The dream is not what you see asleep, the dream does not let you sleep.

If you drop a specific subject, this is not the end of everything. Rather it has to understand that you have an interest in anything else. The last thing is that if you fail in a certain exam, or if you get a lower number, then everything ends this is not the case. Both success and failure of life depend on the achievement of humanity, noble and honest character. So those who failure in the exam or did not get the desired results, it is not fair to think that they are all finished.

In this case, the biggest partner can be the child’s guardian, the teachers, the great men, the elders, the wise people, and the writer-columnist people.


I’m at the end of my writing. Before going, I would like to say all the students and guardians that SSC result is going to be published in the 1st week of May. Whether the result is good or bad, please do not take any life killing action. Failure in the exam is part of our life. One fail does not mean you never succeed in life. So, don’t be upset. Try again for next time. Hope for the best.