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Things You Didn’t Know About Maintaining Artificial Hair

Like human hair wig, synthetic hair wig doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or care. However, it doesn’t mean that you should roughly deal with your wig. Because wigs are your saviors, they let you have perfect hair and enhance your appearance. To extend their lifespan, you should learn how to take care of them. Because regular maintenance makes your wig look natural, fresher, and fuller.

Do not wear the wig everyday

When you wear a wig every day, its color starts to fade, and its overall look diminishes. If you are someone who wears a wig every day, consider buying two wigs to give a holiday to one of your wigs while using the other.

Wash your wig

Whether it is a human wig or synthetic wig, washing hair too often dries out hair and makes it brittle, which eventually loses its sheen. Therefore, wear the wig for a few days before washing it. And while you’re washing it, resort to right wig washing techniques.

Do not sleep or shower with it

Like natural hair, artificial hair also gets tangled from tossing around all night. And showering also creates knots and untangling those hairs becomes a tough job. Therefore take off your head before you go to bed and take a shower.

Take it to the profession

Your wig needs regular styling. There are many salons that style wigs, they do the modification that you need. If you are a hairstylist yourself, buy a mannequin head and wig headstand. Wig stand holder gives a firm grip to your wig while you are styling it. Tripod stands make hairdressing easy and comfortable.

Use special shampoo, conditioner, and comb for wigs

The regular shampoo and conditioner will have many chemicals in them that may damage your artificial hair. There are special shampoo and conditioner available exclusively for synthetic hair. While shampooing hair wig, don’t wash it like your natural hair. First, soak the wig in the shampoo and water solution and later brush it with the wig comb. Then take out the wig and rinse it in the warm water. Comb the wig one last time to remove the knots and keep it out dry in the air.

Keep your wig safe and covered

To avoid hair getting tangled, the best way to store them is in a mannequin stand. You can mount the artificial hair on the wig head and place it in the wig stand tripod. The mannequin tripod holds the wig head and artificial hair upright and avoids it from any damage. To prevent dust, cover the hair mannequin with a cover.

Do not overuse any sprays on the wig

When you use hair spray, the artificial hair becomes greasy and unmanageable. If you want to use any sprays, keep it to minimal usage. Know which part of the wig you are spraying, keep it uniform. Take the help from the hairstyling mannequin while using the spray on the hair wig.

To maintain a hair wig, the mannequin hair stand is the best option. It acts as a protective gear. It allows accurate styling to your artificial hair and also provides time for your wig to breathe while it is not in use. Are you wondering where you get mannequin heads and tripods? There are many available online. You can buy from online stores. To buy a mannequin tripod, check here.

Hair Plant Technology

Scanty hair is worrisome; if the wig is not your call, you could go for the best hair plant technology.

The hair graft procedure involves surgical treatment where the hair follicle is removed from one part of the body and grafted it into balding areas. Hair transplanting is a permanent remedy to do away with balding.

Things to consider before hair transplant

  • If you have any medical issues, then inform this to a hair surgeon beforehand and seek your doctor’s approval about your planned hair transplantation operation.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking a week before the transplant.
  • Wash your hair cleanly. Do not apply any sprays, gels, or any other hair products.
  • Go to operation with a light breakfast.

If the hair transplant is out of budget, then you have wigs that come with low maintenance costs.

However, wig maintenance requires some care and dedication. With the help of the above tips, you have a wig that looks both graceful and natural. 

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