Time Your Purchases

The Best Time To Buy – Time Your Purchases To Get The Best Deal On These 5 Items

As the end of financial year sales are wrapping up, you might be thinking you’ve missed your golden opportunity to score that purchase you’ve been coveting at a killer discount. Luckily for you, that isn’t necessarily true. Just because retailers aren’t trying to throw their stock out the door anymore doesn’t mean you can’t still grab a bargain (if you know when to buy, of course).

Kitchen Accessories

If you think about it, pots, pans, and other kitchen necessities take a pretty nasty beating. Most receive near-daily use and if you’re a gas cooker, they literally spend most of their life sitting on a fire. It makes sense, then, that you would want to upgrade every so often to ensure that your utensils are still safe for preparing your family dinner with. 

The good news is that you can score a great deal on cookware sets at pretty much any time of the year, including now, as long as you scout for sales. When it comes to quality cookware at epic prices, the internet tends to be the place to go.  

Car Parts

Most of your car part purchases will probably be in relation to some kind of fault or failure, so you won’t necessarily have the luxury of waiting until you can score a great deal. If you’re looking for upgrades, however, or know that a part is on its way out but isn’t quite there yet, you could try holding out until Fall Car Care Month. 

Marked each October, Fall Car Care Month is all about ensuring your favorite mode of transport is ready for the winter months, so you’ll be sure to find some pretty good deals.

Note: April is Car Care Month but it’s a little further away, so we probably wouldn’t recommend waiting until then. 

Baby Things

If you’re already close to your due date, the best time to buy baby products is now, but if you’re not due for a few months yet, reports have shown that later in the year (around November specifically) is the best time to buy necessities for bubs. This covers baby clothes, toys, accessories, and even necessities like nappy rash cream. If you’re willing and able to wait, the prices are definitely worth it.

Indoor Plants

Another often expensive item that you can get for a great price if you know when to buy is your favorite indoor plant. These guys can cost thousands of dollars at retail pricing, depending on what you’re hunting, but the good news is, they all go on sale at certain times of the year. Your best chance of getting a great deal on indoor plants is just after the holidays for which they’re popular gifts (think Mothers Day and Valentine’s Day).

Dental Services

Yup, you can even schedule dental services like teeth whitening at certain times of the year and score some benefits. While you might not always get a discount on your dental services for going during their quiet periods (think January, November, or June) you will get a far more relaxed visit and spend a shorter period of time stuck on a waiting list. 

Even if you missed out on nabbing some bargains at the end of financial year sales, these five items can still be picked up at a great price if you time your visits right. It might take you a little longer to get some things crossed off the list, but you’ll get the best deal and that’s why you’re here. Happy bargain hunting!