Gold Jewelry

Tips for Buying Gold Jewelry With Diamonds

Buying gold jewelry with diamonds is not a simple task although in the end it is usually very rewarding. It is advisable to invest a little time before making the purchase, especially if you do not have the minimum experience or knowledge necessary to know how to distinguish between different diamonds. In this article we will try to spread a little knowledge that can be useful in the purchase of a jewel with diamonds.

The value of a diamond is defined by four main parameters, what is usually called the four “C”, namely:  cut, color, clarity and carats.

The cut determines the brightness of a diamond. The most widespread would be the brilliant cut or size that often gives the generic name to diamonds in jewelry. The cut is made by facets and the better and more precise that cut is, the better it will absorb and return the light giving that characteristic shine of the diamonds.

Color is the second factor that determines the quality and price of the diamond . The most valued and loved ones are colorless and, from here, the shades that can vary in yellow, brown or white are derived.

The clarity of a diamond is determined by its purity; you have to avoid diamonds with visible black spots or cracks, since they take away practically all the value and are usually rejected. If the jewel has a certificate issued by a gemologist, it is possible to indicate its clarity-purity according to the following scale:

  • F: perfect
  • VVS: very slight
  • imperfections VS: very slight
  • imperfections SI: slight imperfections

The fourth value is the karat (carat), and determines the weight of the diamond  on a scale of 100, with 100 being the equivalent of one carat.

In addition to the stone’s own value, it will also influence the jewel’s frame , which is the most appropriate and enhances the value of the diamond. A large diamond will be better enhanced with a claw mount while a chaton mount will give more light and shine to the stone, monopolizing greater prominence in the jewel.

If it is a jewel with a diamond that is intended to stand out, it is advised that it is not less than one carat in order for the necessary brightness to shine like a true point of light.

Many diamonds are mounted on white gold or platinum because they emphasize more on the stone . If you want to wear a jewel for an important moment, a diamond-pearl combination will be highly recommended. Especially the pearl earrings with diamond in solitaire, a jewel that never goes out of style and a combination very suitable for any type of dress.

Finally, the last advice to buy jewelry with diamonds is that of the fifth “C”: trust.  It is best to go to a site that inspires confidence and, above all, that offers the best guarantees. Although it is not usual, if you offer the change of the jewel if you are not fully satisfied, it will be the best guarantee to make a purchase with confidence.