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Top 5 Places to Visit in Michigan for First-Timers

Probably best known for being the state Magic Johnson grew up in or giving us such global icons like Nelson Algren, Ralph J. Bunche, and Henry Ford. Michigan is quite noble and known to be a great tourist hotspot. However, when it comes to visiting a new state, Michigan has a variety of awesome places to visit and so many places to check out before you board your flight back home.

Top 5 places to visit in Michigan for first-timers

1. Ann Arbor

A cultural hub that is home to the University of Michigan, Michigan. Ann Arbour is a cultural phenomenon and a place known to host numerous celebrities and big shots of the great state of Michigan. Coupled with the concert held there every summer, this is a worthy site of cultural excellence. Famed for hosting epic canoeing and sports battles between the University of Michigan and their next-door neighbors Michigan State University. Ann Arbour has stuck around for quite some time, giving it a distinct and distinguished look as residents are very careful to preserve its natural state. This is an awesome proposition if a tourist desires to see something natural a unique before he jets back home.

2. Muskegon

One of the most beautiful parts of a foreign trip is the chance to check out the unique cultures, museums, topography, lakes, and museums. Tourists also desire to get awesome souvenirs and a fantastic backdrop for that internet-breaking Instagram picture. All these are available with relative ease at Muskegon. This lakeside city is the home to thousands of residents and the frequent chill spot for university students, young couples, athletes, creatives, and fellow tourists alike. A tourist can embark on various adventures in Muskegon and still not get enough of the fantastic scenery of the lakeside city.

3. Detroit

The home of famous rap artists like Eminem, Big Sean, and Proof, also the home of one of the biggest car manufacturing companies, Detroit, has frequently been labeled as a small blue-collar city. However, on a careful and more in-depth look, you will see that Detroit is much more than a mere footnote in the beautiful state of Michigan. Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and has museums, factories, tourist attractions, and chill spots aplenty. Coupled with the fact that there is always a concert or show around the city, it gives you an enviable tourist experience added with the chance of meeting celebrities and rubbing shoulders with the city elite.

4. Marquette

Blessed with one of the best academic and sporting colleges in the country as well as being a hotbed in the ever-growing tourism industry, Marquette is certainly a city on the rise. The city has the added advantage of having the best looking hills and mountains alike. This is awesome as hiking enthusiasts have a field day climbing, scanning, and finding rare stones on the beautiful hills of Marquette. The city also has well-trained tourist guides that ensure tourists don’t get overexcited and fall from the hilltops. Marquette does not have to be just the school D.Wade attended some years back. It is a place to check out.

5. Mackinac Island

Cinderella tales, snow-white stories, and Harry Potter tricks. These have never been so real, as seen in Mackinac Island. This tiny but unique part of Michigan is a worldwide tourist attraction that attracts millions of viewers every year that troupe in to check out whether the tales are indeed true. You can take a swim in the water, paddle if you like, and bonus fact: this island has a fantastic backdrop for Instagram pictures and social media trends. It has a variety of hotel options for different classes of tourists. Seldom a tourist visits the state of Michigan that he or she does not find a way to enjoy the scenery of Mackinac Island.

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