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Top 5 Problems of Air Duct System

Air Duct Cleaning has become an efficient method to protect your family from pollutants and create a safe indoor environment. It has become an integral part of maintenance when it comes to commercial or residential spaces as it ensures proper regulation of heated or cooled airflow. Sem’s Duct Cleaning specialists have observed the most common problems homeowners face while dealing with the HVAC system and what steps to take if they arise.

Leakage in A/C Ductwork

Problem: Proper sealing is the number one task when it comes to air ductwork. This minor issue can affect the whole system and cause massive losses on energy bills. It can even let poison gases into the HVAC unit. Such problems have been observed in brand new houses when workers do not attract too much attention to the details or in older buildings where the system, its assemblies, and parts have deteriorated over the years.

Solution: The most suspicious signs in case of leakage are different temperatures in living spaces or stuffy air in some parts of the house. High energy bills should also cast doubts.

Dirty Air Ducts

Problem: Air filters are meant to protect the air we breathe. They collect all small particles and do not allow them to enter the living space. However, the air filters are never perfect. In addition, in case there are any gaps inside the air ductwork, pollutants can gather there. There can be found layers of dust, different insects, pet dander, small pieces of fibers, cobwebs, and even rodents.  These pollutants can affect the indoor air quality causing different allergies and respiratory problems of unknown origin. That is why specialists very often report that the quality of indoor air can be even worse or more dangerous than the air outside.

Solution: You can opt for a maintenance cleaning of your duct system.

Air Flow Blockages

Problem: If you observe a certain interruption while the air circulates there and back, or different intensity of air supply, this may indicate that the air duct system is damaged or clogged. As a result, it has a negative effect on the entire system. You may end up with increased energy bills and frequent breakdowns which, in its turn, reduce the lifespan of the HVAC unit.

Solution: First of all, homeowners should always ensure that the HVAC system in their house or office is in function and works properly. In case there are any electrical or construction works going on, ask the contractor to steer clear of the HVAC unit.

Insulation Inefficiency

Problem: Poor insulation is one of the main causes of energy loss. During hot summers, cooled air goes through the ductwork to ensure a comfortable temperature inside your place. If the insulation system is damaged, cool air seeps into every fiber and forces the HVAC unit to work harder. The same scenario can be seen during wintertime, when some energy is lost before it gets to its destination.

Solution: To increase HVAC system efficiency, insure proper insulation or ask professionals to check the air ducts. 

Poor Design

Problem: HVAC system varies from house to house.  The bigger the space is the more powerful equipment it requires. It is evident that poor design or inappropriate size of the air duct system can cause different troubles.

On the one hand, a very big and powerful system in a smaller place will lead to energy losses. On another hand, a small system will always operate at its maximum capacity that will shorten the lifespan of the entire system.

Solution: Hire professionals to take care of your HVAC system, its proper installation and design will save your time and money in the future.