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Top Technology Home Safety Gadgets You Should Own In 2024

All thanks to technology and IoT (Internet of things), we can now make more intelligent decisions that make our lives better and much more accessible. The continuous churn of smart and innovative technology has made us feel more secure and safe. We can get many things moving at the tap of a finger or flip of a button.

You can use these tech inventions to spend your free time playing various games at the best online casinos available, or, If you love the idea of smart homes and want to upgrade your home to look like one, this article is for you. Here are various top technology home safety gadgets you should consider buying in 2024.

LG SMART Security Solution

Protect your loved ones and valuables. Install the LG Smart Security Solution to prevent harm and intruders from your home. If you are looking for 24/7/365 security monitoring in your home, then LG Smart Solution is to the rescue.

With this intelligent device, your mobile device’s residential security report can be tracked down. Whether you are away from home or in your house, you can be in the loop of everything in and around your apartment just by watching the footage of the security cameras.

You can also connect your LG Smart Security as the central link and hub to every other smart device within the home through a mobile app.

Skybell HD WI-FI Video Doorbell

Answer your door with a smartphone from anywhere! You are not at home but want to know who stopped by to say hello or tried to do something at the front door? Skybell HD WIFI is the device you need to know everything. It has a video camera, an audio device, and a motion sensor.

Once you install one on your door, you can quickly know who is outside without opening it. If an intruder is trying to gain entrance into the building forcefully, you can see them without them knowing and quickly alert the police.

Kuna Light Fixtures

One of the home safety tech devices that will witness an upsurge in demand in 2024 is the Kuna Light Fixtures. This isn’t your regular porch light. It is an intelligent device that replaces your porch light with one designed with a built-in video camera, Wi-Fi adapter, two-way intercom, and a motion detector.

If you want to monitor movement in and around your property, even when you are not there, this is the best device that captures everything. It comes with a mobile companion app that sends alerts to your phone once someone shows up at your doorstep.

You can also activate the automated greetings option that helps tell visitors to check back or contact you in case you aren’t available or unwilling to let them in.

Nest Protect Fire Detector

A traditional fire detector can warn you of potential danger, but what happens when you aren’t at home to hear it?

Nest Protect Fire Detector sounds the alarm, pulses red, and tells you when and where there is an emergency in your home from your mobile device. It uses an advanced smoke detector called a Spectrum sensor to detect a wide range of smoke events, including slow, smoldering, and fast flaming.

Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

With the Samsung SmartThings Kit, you can wirelessly connect a wide range of smart devices and make them work together. It contains two multi-purpose sensors, a motion sensor, and an outlet. With this kit, you can monitor, control, and secure your apartment with a click of a button on the app. It helps you keep an eye on what matters while you are away. And the best part is you can include and sync as many devices and “things” as you like on the kit.

Withings Home Baby Bundle

Imagine an app that keeps a protective watch on your little ones and can detect their laughter and cries. That’s what the Withings baby bundle does for you. It performs the dual role of a baby monitor with a security camera and indoor air quality control.

Right from wherever you are, you can see and hear what’s happening in your baby’s room. You can connect with your baby and create that mother-and-child bond. This way, you will be abreast of what is happening and won’t miss any of their most precious moments.