Remaining Relevant – 5 Great Ways To Keep In Touch With Clients During Lockdown

Operating a business during a pandemic is a challenge not many people would have ever anticipated. While many things are out of your control in this historical period, maintaining a relationship with your clients is something you can continue to work on. Here are five creative methods you can use to keep in touch with clients during lockdown.

1. Send A Thoughtful Goodie Box

Show your clients that their interests are still your priority by sending out a corporate care package. Using promotional products and corporate gifts, you can tailor your goodie box according to your industry and the nature of your professional relationships. For long-term clients or important stakeholders, you may be able to get a little personal and include self-care and leisure gifts like homewares, entertainment items, or even family-friendly products that they can use in their downtime while working from home. You may also include samples or courtesy products from your business to show your commitment to providing excellent service.

2. Create Beautiful Newsletters 

Your newsletter is more important now than ever as lockdown restrictions are constantly changing and affecting the way businesses can operate. So, make sure to keep them regular and as up-to-date as possible on what your situation is. Tensions are running high for everyone at this time, so even if the news is unfavorable, do keep your designs on-brand and your copy clear and free of alarmist language. If you have the capacity, perhaps if you are a localized business, you could even consider sending an offline, traditional newsletter in the mail. You can even include some promotional sweets or lollies as a goodwill gesture.

3. Keep Your Website and Socials Up To Date 

While falling a bit behind on your business social media can be forgivable on occasion, it certainly is not ideal at this time. Now that everyone is spending more time at home, your clients and customers will be checking for updates online. Ensuring that your online presence is up-to-date in terms of any social distancing measures, temporary service changes you have in place, or altered schedules means that you can continue to operate as smoothly as possible and maintain a level of trust with your customers. 

4. Offer Promotions and Credit For When You’re Back 

If you already sell gift cards, now is a great time to promote them via your website, social media, in-store (if you’re still open), and email or direct marketing. Offering credit to be used later can be a helpful way to maintain some level of cash flow if your industry is severely affected by lockdown measures. It can be as simple as continuing to sell your product or service but allowing your customer 12 months to redeem their purchase. Be open to keeping the redemption period long and flexible if you are facing significant uncertainty about when you will be back to business-as-usual.

5. Host or Participate In A Virtual Industry Event

Depending on your business, you can host a workshop, informal client catch-up, or some kind of upskilling session during the lockdown as a way to maintain your connections. If you’d prefer not to play host, you can take part in an industry event held by another company by applying to be a speaker, participant, or by promoting the event to your clients and followers if it may be suitable to them too. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us into different ways of working, but if you follow the above tips, this does not have to mean compromising your client relations.