What are the Types of Criminal Lawyers?

The set of laws that apply to different criminal activities is called criminal law, and a criminal lawyer is a private or public lawyer who specializes in criminal law. Criminal lawyers basically help a person to prove his innocence before the judge in the court.

A crime can be both minor and major. A misdemeanor is a kind of crime that very small and minor, and felonies are the highest level of crimes. Judging by the type of crimes and other sectors, there can be different types of criminal lawyers who work for the accused and the victim.

Two Basic Type of Criminal Lawyers

1.    Prosecutors

Prosecutors are the lawyers who work for the state or the government. He fights against the defense lawyers of the criminal to prove the criminal charges brought against him/her and prove him/her guilty in front of the judge.

2.    Defense attorneys

This type of lawyer works for the criminal to prove the criminal’s innocence with proper evidence and information. The defense attorneys work for the people who are accused of crime, and it is in their right to ask for a lawyer who’ll fight for their case.

Other Sub-categories of Criminal Lawyers

Panel lawyers

These are the lawyers who work under the government as a committee for the public defense service. They are paid and looked after by the government, who pay them hourly for their service, time, and insights.

Private lawyers

Private lawyers are the lawyers who are hired directly by the accused by his own consent and privilege. Private lawyers basically work under a firm, and they are expensive, so mostly rich elites hire private lawyers to work for them and bring justice.

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District lawyer

The district lawyers are an on-call type lawyers for the local prosecutors. In different situations, the district lawyers are called by the prosecutor, who prosecutes a criminal to administer the process.

Public defenders

Public defenders are assigned by the local state or the local district to aid the poor and the ones who can’t seek out a lawyer easily in very small and minor cases. These lawyers, let’s say working in a minor fist-fight case, assist people who cannot opt for legal assistance due to different issues.


The main activity of a lawyer is to carry out everything related to court works, and criminal lawyers help both the parties of a crime. Judging by the size of the country and number of population, a country can have few types of criminal lawyers. Above mentioned, criminal lawyers are the basic ones who can be found in the majority of the states.