PKT Cash

Understanding PKT Cash And How It Works

In the world we live in today, nearly everyone is looking for different ways to increase their income and one way we can do this is by investing. It is common knowledge that the value of fiat currencies will always depreciate. Holding cash long-term is not a viable plan as you lose on your initial investment when the value drops. 

It’s no wonder financial experts are always preaching about investing. By doing this, you can keep up with the market when inflation occurs. A favorite of so many individuals nowadays is cryptocurrency. We’ve moved past the stage where everyone had doubts about the long-term sustainability of cryptocurrency

Today, it has now become obvious that these digital currencies are here to stay as they are incredibly popular. In fact, some countries have legalized bitcoin as an alternative purchase asset. The good news is it’s not too late to join, they’re always good projects to consider. One notable asset is “PKT Cash”. Below we would shed more light on this cryptocurrency and why you might want to be a part of it. Click here to learn more about why cryptocurrencies are so popular today.

What is PKT Cash?

At its core, PKT Cash is the coin used to reward members of the PKT network. This project goes beyond crypto and aims to solve several problems in the digital space. For one, with this network, you get access to a high-speed internet connection from anywhere in the world. The best part, it does not rely on monopolistic Internet Service Providers (ISPs). 

So, who controls the network? You see no one is needed to handle the daily operations of this network. In fact, it is controlled by the members of the public who use it. The reason why the bar was set so low is to improve the number of participants. The prospect of monetizing your unused bandwidth provides an incentive for individuals to improve their communities’ network access. 

How Can I Earn PKT Cash?

As a “crypto head”, you might have come across PKT Cash online while looking for a good coin to hold. But do you know this project offers a lot more? A driving factor of this project is its wish to see all communication encrypted. 

Do you often wonder where a suspicious data packet comes from? This concern becomes troubling when your network is not encrypted. This also includes needing a VPN to get another internet connection, while you have one already. All these won’t happen if you have an encrypted network.  

So, how can you earn this cryptocurrency? Well, there are two ways by which users can earn PKT Cash. The first is by contributing unused bandwidth to the network; it’s that simple. For every 60 seconds, your bandwidth is connected to the network, you earn PKT Cash, and this doesn’t require any coding or technical computer skills. 

The second method is mining. This would be wonderful news to all crypto enthusiasts with a bit of coding knowledge or with computers with powerful processors. A goal any profit-oriented individual has when faced with any crypto coin is how to amass more of it. By just being connected to the PKT network you’re able to start mining the coin. 

There are two modes where mining is concerned. The first type is “announcement mining” which anyone with a CPU-based device can do. This is suitable for people who want to mine without getting too serious by modifying their computer’s hardware. This project also offers a “block mining” mode. The catch is this type requires experience in the networking field and a good rig setup. 

It is all possible because of Pocket Crypt. It provides the bandwidth and encryption necessary to make all the magic happen. 

PKT Network and Connectivity

Any firm or individual who wishes to have their presence felt online needs an ISP. What ISPs do is give you access to the internet. But systems like this make access decentralized. PKT aims to make this decentralized by providing an ultra-fast ISP that is easy to use.

This project does not scrutinize businesses who choose to use this ISP. You can simply dive right in, making it easy for everyone. You’re also able to monetize connectivity on this network by becoming an infrastructure provider. How this works is you collect PKT Cash in return for giving out access to your hardware. 


One concern any serious investor should have is the usefulness or benefit of this kind of investment. This is what tells shady business ventures from the rest. Features like de monopolizing access to the internet and more ensure it has a long business span. 

This is because besides being mined with intentions to sell for higher returns. This network actually has real life daily use in the tech community at large.