retrieve lost data in access

Understand How to Retrieve Lost Data In Access Without Any Omission


Here, you will get an efficient approach to fix an issue such as retrieve lost data in an Access database. Simply, download and run the Access Database Recovery Tool resolve your issue effortlessly. However, go through the complete blog to know more about this topic in a detailed manner.

Common Reasons Behind Microsoft Access Data Loss

There can be so many possible causes behind data deletion in Microsoft Access database. But here, in this segment, we are going to explain some reasons for Access database loss. Have a look:

Free Method to Retrieve Lost Data in Access

If in case, you have the backup of the lost database file. So, you can easily retrieve deleted data from Access. Otherwise, there is no manual solution is available to resolve this issue. All in all, the backup of the deleted database is an ultimate resolution to get rid of this issue. So, if you do not have the backup then, proceed to another method.

Automated Way to Retrieve Data In Microsoft Access

After knowing the fact, i.e., there is no manual solution is obtainable to resolve this issue. Now, it is better to choose a third-party application. So, using Access Recovery Tool, you can easily retrieve deleted data from the Access database. This software comes up with enhanced features and functionalities which helps to make the recovery procedure simple. With the help of this application, anyone can perform a recovery procedure. Because it facilitates an understandable user interface. So, technical or non-technical users can implement the procedure without taking any external help.

However, it provides two different options to save data after successful completion of the recovery procedure. Despite this, it consists of some more amazing features.

Step by Step Process to Retrieve Lost Data in Access

Now, in this segment, we are going to explain the instructions for how to retrieve deleted data in Access. We are going to mention all the steps adequately. So, you just have to follow all the steps sequentially to implement the procedure to recover deleted data from MS Access. Let’s start:

1. First of all, download and run the Access recovery tool into your local machine.

2. Now, click on Browse button to add corrupt Access database file.

systools Retrieve Lost Data In Access

3. Here, select the Access database file from its relevant location and hit on Open button.

4. Hit on the Recover button to start the recovery process of lost Access database.

Once you click a Recover button the Access database recovery procedure begins.
6. Select the Export button to the files which have appeared on the screen.

systools Retrieve Lost Data In Access

7. Subsequently, click on the Browse button to choose a desired location on the machine to store all the retrieved files.

8. To save the resultant files, the software facilitates you 2 different options such as Export as MS Access Database and CSV file format.

systools Retrieve Lost Data In Access

9. After selecting the types now, the software provides, you different options to save files, i.e., only schema and schema and data
10. Finally, the application will display your number of records after selecting the Export/Save option.

systools Retrieve Lost Data In Access

Let’s Wrap Up

Above here, we have discussed the proficient method to retrieve lost data in Access. There is no manual method which can do the same. So, in this case, only a third-party application can work adequately. Hence, we have discussed an efficiently used utility to resolve this retrieve data in Access issue.