vehicle vinyl wraps

Should You Invest in Vehicle Wraps for your Small Business?

If you have been a business owner for a while now and have been seeing many companies with their branded vehicle vinyl wraps, and wondering if, ‘are vehicle wraps worth it’? Then here’s what you need to know before considering them for your own small business.

What exactly is a vehicle wrap?

If you’ve been trying to pinpoint what exactly a vehicle wrap is, here’s what it actually is – a digitally-printed mobile billboard for your vehicles. Professional vehicle wrap services will help craft the effect advertising vinyls to cover your vehicles exteriors, that can be weatherproof as well. The vinyl prints can be of any color and have eye-catching graphics that can make heads turn while the vehicle is on-the-go or halted at market places or on roadsides. A high-quality digitally-printed vinyl vehicle wrap can last up to three to five years, and contribute to the success of your company’s boom in the market.

Is vehicle vinyl wraps effective?

When you begin to consider various marketing tactics for your small business, using vehicle wraps may not even pop in your mind on the first go. However, maybe these statistics will help tip your decision making towards getting them anyway.

  • In the US alone, right now, “vehicle vinyl wraps contribute towards generating almost 30,000 to 70,000 vehicular impressions on a daily basis”, so states the records according to ARD Ventures.
  • The mobile advertising forum itself has managed to generate 2.5 times more impressions than a stand-alone roadside billboard.
  • Out mobile billboards have managed to get across their messages with a 97% recall rate, states the reports by RYP & Becker Group.

These metrics alone show that more and more small businesses need to consider this aspect to advertise their services and products on their company vehicles.

So, are these vehicle wrap designs meant for large companies?

It’s a fairly common misconception that car wraps are meant for larger companies that own a fleet of company vehicles and not for small start-up companies. That is simply not the case. The truth is, being one of the most effective advertisement means, and requiring not too much investment makes this advertisement tactic one of the best ways to go about promoting your business. It truly doesn’t even matter that your business might not own its own car as of now. You can even use these on your rented company vehicle.

There are some odd car wrap companies that even incentivize drivers to earn some funds by volunteering their cars for wrapping other’s business details to maximize a third-party company’s adverts.

What’s the cost like?

One of the key factors affecting the cost of vehicle vinyl wraps is the size of your vehicles. The average cost lies between the range of $1500 to $3000.

These expenses include:

  • Vinyl graphics design
  • Printing services
  • Professional installation of the vinyl wraps

In the long run, though, these expenses are cut down even further as it would take into account the need no longer to repaint the fleet of cars that are owned by a large company or even the singular cars owned by smaller companies. It’ll also preserve the original paint job on the cars plastered with vehicle wrap designs on them.

Also, if you plan to change out the vinyl advertisements on the cars, they can easily be swapped out for newer ones instead of actually having to do an entire new paint job, had you opted for paint job advertisements in the first place.

A Cautionary Tale

With the influx of printing technology and businesses related to those being better than ever before, vehicle wraps have become far more accessible than ever as well. However, along with that, there’s also been a considerable rise in the amount of inexperienced or barely experienced people setting up wrap businesses. Always look out for experienced vehicle wrap companies and check for the credentials and online reviews before you take the plunge as a small company so that you don’t have to incur any amount of loss.