Virtual Private Server

Why Choose Virtual Private Server Over Shared Hosting

With the advent of VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, shared hosting and dedicated hosting has become yesteryear technology. Businesses are switching to this modern technology. You should also use the VPS server to reap the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Custom Apps
  • Free Operating System
  • Better Performance
  • Customization Options
  • Scalability and Redundancy
  • Cloud-based or Conventional Solution
  • Server Specifications and Configurations

A Virtual Private Server is a virtualization tool which helps enhance performance and functionality in your business. Let’s read this post to get in-depth information about the VPS hosting.

Virtual Private Server: How It Is Different from Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is like a big building in which you lease one room with communal facilities. Shared hosting is like that building in which you share the following resources with others:

  • CPU (processors)
  • Memory
  • Disk space
  • Bandwidth, etc.

This hosting solution works well with smaller websites. Storage, speed, bandwidth, and reliability whatever you need function with shared hosting without any problems. However, if you have more significant requirements, the resources, available with shared hosting, won’t serve your purposes. You will face many issues.

For example,

If other websites share the server and use hog resources, it affects the performance of your site. If they leave themselves vulnerable to infections or hacks, this may be a security threat.

That’s where the VPS hosting comes in handy.

VPS Hosting: Since shared hosting is like a big common building, VPS hosting divides this building into several smaller flats with the separate computing environment. With it, you can isolate your server from others and have dedicated resources. Since you will have a separate entity and operating system, there is no risk of data breach and security threat.

Having a dedicated server is like you are the owner of your entire server. You can run any custom apps; have all the disk space, computing resources at your disposal. Further, you can control the whole operating system and hardware you want to use. So, VPS server is the best solution for a  larger processing and storage needs.

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Who should use VPS?

If you are a new company or planning to start a new online business, keep VPS your first option. Or if yu are an established business having a large website and are using shared hosting, upgrade it to VPS to reap extensive benefits. VPS hosting can help you benefit in the following conditions:

Slow loading – If the slow-running website is one of your issues, it means you are hitting your shared hosting resources limits. With VPS, your website speed will be increased.

Greater traffic – If greater traffic is coming to your website and your shared hosting is unable to cope with it, switching to VPS hosting is the best solution.

Data Protection Act – Complying with Data Protection Act is every business responsibility to avoid any penalty. No doubt you have sensitive data and customer’s information. Use VPS technology to guard your data and customer’s information as well as comply with the Data Protection Act, etc.

E-commerce site – An e-commerce website stores debit and credit card details of customers. It also saves the net banking credential of users. So, you should comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. No worry if you choose VPS technology as it can protect your customer’s information and other financial details.

Use Custom App – For any business and company, customer app is required to operate its business. With the VPS technology, you can use any app on your mobile.

You can choose from a shared hosting plan or a VPS hosting one, and each one has its benefits. In this post, you will come to know about the differences between the two and how VPS hosting in India scores above shared one.

Which One Should You Go Ahead With?

Performance Comes First

No matter how your website is, you should be able to access it quickly. In a recent survey, it was found that most web-users expect that the site to load within two seconds. The same survey says that if the users have to wait beyond this, they are more likely to abandon the site. And if your website is an online commerce one, you are most likely to see the potential loss of revenues. And it is where choosing the right hosting is a business decision that which needs a lot of care. With VPS hosting, you are almost sure to get the better performance than the shared hosting plan. The reason is apparent; you will not have to share the computing resources with other sites and will not scramble for the resources. It means that with VPS hosting, your website gets all the computing power that will be needed to boost the speed of most sites thus making the visitors get the results they want.

Reliability is More

When you are going for a particular hosting, you want to make sure that the hosting you are going for is giving you the desired uptime. Most want the server to remain up for more than 99.99 percent. It makes sure that your site is up for the visitors when they come to the site.

Although there may be challenges with just any plan you choose, problems are fewer when you decide to go with VPS hosting. The reasons are obvious; there are more VPS customers in a server. In shared hosting, many websites are there on the server which may cause the overloading. In VPS hosting, your site is hosted in an independent environment, and there is no worry that other sites in the server can affect yours.

Security In Enhanced

In a shared hosting environment, your site is more exposed to breaches as any hacking attack on the site is going to affect rest others in some other way or other.

But VPS hosting scores above shared one as yours is the only site that is there in the virtual server.  Any hacking attack doesn’t spread to the other sites.


With the above information, VPS hosting offers scalability for which there is no match in shared hosting. You can add more memory and CPU in just a few clicks. Most VPS hosting in India providers offer numerous plans to choose from so you can always find a program that meets your needs. it’s clear that a virtual private server is an advanced solution to host your website. To use the VPS hosting, look for reputable VPS hosting company that can provide you round the clock customer support service. Why wait? Start searching for a company online.