Web Hosting for Beginners

A Detailed Guide and Insight to Web Hosting for Beginners

Starting your own enterprise can be very overwhelming; there are thousands of tasks alone to take care before even launching your business in Seattle. It does not matter if you are starting with a small scale startup or a big venture to launch your business successfully you have to consider every detail meticulously. Most of the entrepreneurs are more focused on end products and sales but before you get to that point there are numerous points in between that contribute to the successful end result. One of these points is to make your venture approachable, it is very important that consumers and other people in markets can connect with you and get to know better about your products, services, and company.

In the digital age, this meets and greets is also done via digital means, whenever people are introduced to a new product or company, the first thing they do is look the product on the internet through your website. Everyone needs to have an internet identity whether these are accounts on social media networking or entire website in order to connect with other people. The websites are must have for entrepreneurs whether they are starting small scale business or launching a new branch in international cooperation, even the home-based business cannot operate and function without a website or at least business owned account on social media. The official website of your company is the digital place of meet and greet, an international platform which allows public from all around the world to see your product, their details and other services offered by your company. Website is a window that let outsider take a peek into your venture, you can advertise your launch here, the more attractive your website it more customers it will lure. So before launching your company you also have to launch your own company’s website.

Nowadays you can hire web-designers to design an effective website for you or if you are running on tight budget with all your capital invested in your company you can design a website yourself, there are many tools available online through which you can make a website free of cost. With modern tools you don’t need to learn programming languages and coding you simply use to tools to create one and customize it according to your requirements. Even after creating a website your work is not done, another step is web-hosting.

What is web hosting?

To launch the website on the internet for online presence, you must have space on the internet. Space on the internet means storage space where you can store your website. As well as you want internet connectivity through which your website can be accessed and displayed on customers computers. There are several companies which store your websites in high powered computers also referred to as servers. When someone enters your website domain name in URL, the domain name is translated as IP address and the files attached to this IP address are fetched from the servers and displayed on the customer’s web page.

Are there any types of web-hosting, which a client can select depending upon his requirements and budget?

In web-hosting, you can avail different types of services, according to your venture requirement and your budget. There are options such as shared web hosting, cloud web hosting, dedicated web hosting and virtual private server.

web hosting server

Cloud hosting

cloud hosting

The cloud hosting option offers the client with unlimited storage which can handle high traffic, it is where all the virtual accessories are gathered from several hosts to accommodate all aspects of web-hosting of your website, however it costly and it does not allow the client himself/herself to make any changes in the service configuration.

Dedicated hosting services

dedicated hosting

It is another option which enables the client to purchase an entire server which gives the client maximum control for better access and faster performance of its website, as the server is not shared by other websites. It also a very expensive option and is used for multinational companies which host several websites.

Shared web hosting

shared web hosting

This option allows the client to reside several websites on a single server, or you can host your website on a server where other websites are hosted as well, the number of this other website can vary from a hundred to thousand. This option is best suited for beginners who are still catching up to technical aspects of the business. It is also inexpensive which can be accommodated in the silver budget, but as it is shared by numerous websites at a time it does not handle traffic spike efficiently.

VPS or virtual Private Server

virtual private server

It is a type of web hosting where the server is the same for multiple websites hosted but each website is separated into virtual servers. This dedicated server provides the client with a better and secured hosting environment and control. This option is also low-priced, but again as it is shared by many websites at a time it is unable to handle high traffic.

While choosing web-hosting services other than these options there are other factors that one should consider before purchasing any type of web-hosting service:

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 File storage

File storage or data storage is the amount of space you are offered for web-hosting, more the data storage is more efficiently your website will run and will be able to handle high traffic flow. The large storage also means you can upgrade your website again and again without purchasing storage again and again.


Bandwidth is the amount of data you can share from your website to your client on the internet at maximum speed. Higher the bandwidth more material you can share with your consumers at a fast pace, the also it can sustain maximum traffic flow.


It the time allowance of uninterrupted connection between website and browser, it defines the time when your server was up and running. The greater uptime means your customer has the maximum time to browse your website because the system is up and running every time without an uninterrupted connection.


Likewise, you should check for the support, support means the availability of the customer services of the web-hosting company. Although you may think it is not necessary to ponder on support what if your website stuck during an online sale? You should be able to get through the customer support team as soon as possible to resolve the issue. The team should be at standby 24/7 the disaster can stick at after business hours and it can still cost your company, the issues should not be left in pending. The multi-channel availability will allow you to reach through different channels post, mail or call; these things are also to be looked at when you are purchasing the service of web-hosting from any company.

Green hosting

You might be wondering now what other option is that? Actually, it is the environmentally friendly option for web hosting. Now you must be scratching your head that how can web-hosting affect the environment and how it can go green? The web-hosting companies have huge servers that have to be kept in the controlled cooled environment to keep running smoothly, which requires a huge amount of energy and gives out a massive amount of carbon dioxide as output which contributes to environmental pollution. Some of the web-hosting companies have amped up their games and have gone green to decrease the carbon footprints by using renewable energy sources.  While you are choosing the best available services for web-hosting also make sure they are eco-friendly too.

I hope this helped you to understand why the online presence “website” is important for any business to run successfully and how to launch it “web-hosting”. It can be very daunting to understand the process of web-hosting but we should go through all the options and factors of web-hosting to make a choice which will help you to achieve maximum benefits in your business!