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Why Do You Need a Website Monitoring Solution?

Websites are an integral part of business and branding. Using a real-time Internet service to ensure that your website is performing at an optimum level is imperative to ensure the success of your venture. Most of these services capture average page load time, the functionality of web pages, and other performance indicators. Check out for a real-time AI-driven website monitoring solution like Hexometer 2.0 to make sure that people stay on your site and it does not have a low page rank.

You may hire in-house developers and webmasters to make and manage websites. However, making sure that the site performs exactly as you want them to is a different ball game altogether. These professionals can conduct some performance diagnostics, but that may not be as thorough and consistent as a web monitoring service

Keep reading this article to understand why a monitoring solution is essential for your website. 

Ensure Website Performance

With websites becoming extremely important for the success and visibility of a business, the end-user experience becomes crucial. If you manage an e-commerce website, you would surely want it to perform well for enabling smooth interactions like placing orders, checkouts, and making electronic payments. Proper monitoring can ensure you that the website is not only running but is also working perfectly. 

Geographic Monitoring 

The number of geographic locations of visitors to your site grows as the audience of your website grows. The response time of your website depends on whether the audience is far or near your website server. Farther the audience, slower is the time to respond. 

By monitoring your website’s performance from different locations all over the country or world, you can determine how your site responds to requesting browsers across the globe 24/7.

This kind of constant monitoring seeks out potential issues that may lead to a sluggish website, network delay, downtime, and other such problems. If you notice a significant fall in the level of performance, you may think about implementing a Content Delivery Network solution. 

Conduct Tests 

The website monitoring solution also tests websites to put a stop to false positives that may emerge from local issues. The service provider collects all the data from the tests and passes on this information to you through regular reports in the form of graphs and charts. If it detects a possible issue, the solution alerts you by calling, sending emails, or SMS (short message service). 

The alert also comprises a video or screenshot of the problem and diagnostic information. Such data helps network admission and webmasters take care of the problem before it creates an economic crisis for your business.  

Page Availability

While guaranteeing complete performance is the primary reason behind using a website monitoring solution, such as Hexometer 2.0, sometimes a single page may stop responding. If this particular page consists of important business components, such as a registration form or an order form, it can lead to problems. 

Therefore, the monitoring software should determine every page’s availability, the performance of each page, and the performance of dynamic content like image, video, and application files.