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Is it safe to take weed with antibiotics or alcohol?

Alcohol and marijuana, commonly referred to as weed, are among the top choices for most people when it comes to recreational substances. And different people like them in different varieties and quantities. But is it advisable to team both of these up?

The question of whether weed and antibiotics or alcohol go together does not have a simple answer. That’s because people have different tolerance levels, metabolism, and bodily reactions.

However, some common elements that may well apply to most users can be studied for a clearer understanding of the concept.

Alcohol and weed

Several studies indicate that alcohol can increase the absorption of delta-9-THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the primary psychoactive ingredient in weed. For this reason, drinking any alcohol before consuming weed may intensify the effects of the weed.

However, note that this reaction may not be the same for everyone as different people have different responses to such consumption. So, while some people may enjoy the after-effects of this, others may experience unpleasant side effects such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and headaches.

Alternatively, if you consume weed before alcohol, the chances of getting overly intoxicated are high. Simply put, it means that you may feel less high than you actually are. So, if you are doing it this way, pay extra attention to the amount of alcohol intake.

Antibiotics and weed

Generally, marijuana does not seem to have any extreme reactions with most antibiotics people commonly use. But that does not mean that such use does not come with any risks. Also, certain cannabis strains are known to react negatively with drugs such as morphine and ibuprofen.

So, if you are on medication for a specific illness, your doctor may advise against using weed and antibiotics together. It is perhaps best to follow this advice, or your body could bear the brunt of a terrible reaction. For example, if you are on antibiotics to treat a lung problem, it is best not to smoke weed or vape, as it will add to the stress on your lungs.

In cases where vaping and smoking are contraindicated, you can consider consuming medical cannabis in edible or tincture form. Ensure to watch the dosage as this type of intake is often the most potent way.

Can marijuana become an antibiotic?

Antibiotics have been around for ages, helping stop pandemics and fatal bacterial as well as viral infections. However, certain bacteria have developed resistance to some antibiotics over time. Therefore, scientists are now looking at ways to enhance the potency of antibiotics.

As a consequence of these efforts, studies have revealed that marijuana contains CBD (or cannabidiol) antibacterial properties. Researchers in Southern Denmark has conducted a scientific study by combining CBD and antibiotics to boost the effects of the drug. The results show that such a combination was more potent than treating with antibiotics alone.

This essentially means that one day, marijuana could be used to make a more potent and effective antibiotic. Until then, it is best to consume it in moderation and in a safe manner.

The bottom line

Before you decide to try weed with either of the elements discussed above, consider a few key things, such as your tolerance level, the strength of the alcohol, and the intake interval between each substance. It will keep you protected from unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects.