wet hair care tips

Wet Hair Care Tips and Tricks to Include in Your Beauty

Whether it is light rain or heavy rain, the air humidity will remain high. The virgin hair weave is also plagued by the lack of moisture and hairiness. At this point, some moisture-resistant hair care methods are necessary. Meanwhile, I will share you some tips to take care of wet hair.

What damage does moisture cause to the Wet hair?

The main component of hair is protein. Although it is easy to absorb moisture, excess water will break the “hydrogen bond” and deform the hair. The damage of moisture to the hair is more than “looking like no shape”, it may also cause a devastating blow to the hair.

1. Rough hair, no longer supple

The moisture in the air will open hair scales, making the hair rough and uneven. When the door of the hair opens, the  outside  harm is more likely to cause damage to the inner part of the hair core.

Hair quality will become worse, resulting in loss of health and smoothness.

2, Dry and fragile

Don’t think that the environment with high humidity will be good for the hair. In fact, the hair is more likely to lose moisture and protein in a humid environment. It will make the hair dry and fragile, and even split ends.

3, Dry and easy to fade

Dyed hair accelerates the shedding of the pigment in wet weather, due to the persistent moisture that keeps the hair’s epidermis open. So when you dye your hair, the hair is more likely to fade and turn yellow than usual, and it becomes dull and dull.

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Wet Hair Care Tips

1. Choose the right care products to avoid moisture damage

Protein-rich hair care extracts make washed hair soft, and add a healthy shine to the skimmed hair. It is especially suitable for rough hairs in a humid environment.

Besides, the dyed hair partner should pay more attention to the color maintenance in the humid climate.

Meanwhile, they should use the shampoo and hair care products designed for after dyeing purposes, to ensure the pigment is not affected.

2. Protect your wet hair form hair split

Core damaged hair scales are easy to open and are the key to moisture intrusion. The most effective way to stay away from moisture is to input high-strength nutritional supplements for the wet hair, make the hair stronger from the inside out.

Besides,we recommend you to condition your wavy hair extensions two or three times every week to rebuild the hair structure.

3. Essential oil, put on a “raincoat” for your hair

When you see your hair in the bathroom, will it become smooth with water? In fact, this will make the hair dry! Only professional hair care products can make hair smooth and luster. It is like a “raincoat” to block the invasion of damp air. You can use plant oils like almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and avocado essence. Or apply essential oils to 80% of dry hair after shampoo to lock in nutrients and moisture as well as to make them “moisture-proof”.

4. Avoid blow damage, blow out soft hair

To keep the hair from dampness harm, blow dry hair is optimal choice. Blow hair can increase the administrative levels sense of the hair and glossiness at the same time.

It is recommended to choose a high power hair dryer as much as possible, which can shorten the time of hair drying. While anion hair dryer can prompt the hair surface scale to close, making the hair more shiny.  Apply the lozenges before blow.

Be careful not to leave the hair too close. Adjust temperature to low temperature, which can avoid hair dryness problem.

5. DIY hair style, nutrition care before and after

Damaged hair is more susceptible to moisture. Thus, nutritional supplements and protective maintenance is very important when styling hair. Use a heat-protecting hair kit before styling to reduce the heat damage, caused by electric curlers and hair straighteners. After styling, you should use some hair care products to lock the moisture nutrient. Besides, you can match some design hair products to make hairstyle more lasting.


Wet hair is extremely delicate and should be handled with care. When you get out of the shower, your soaking-wet hair can stretch, making it more susceptible to breakage. Combining wet hair can help rid it of tangles, but if done improperly can leave you open to damaged strands and a frizzy, unkempt look. Properly comb your wet hair to keep it healthy, shiny and smooth.