Applicant Tracking System

What is Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software that acts as a human resources database for organizing and tracking applications. Recruiters are flooded with thousands of CVs for every job that they post, and screening them manually is a major task. With ATS, all these applications can be stored and managed in one place, allowing recruiters to search for keywords relating to the role they are hiring for. These keywords are typically the exact same keywords used in the job posting. They could be based on skills, experiences, location, former employers or work experience.

applicant tracking system

ATS is not just helpful for targeted search but it also automates Interview scheduling allowing candidates to select a slot on recruiter’s calendar. ATS creates a talent pool by storing all the applications for a job posting. There are times when recruiters come across some impressive candidate profiles but no vacancies for them. Skipping over such great talent, feels nothing less than a crime! ATS stores their data for future reference and analysis.

Applicant tracking systems can be used by all organizations irrespective of their strength, however, they are more often used by companies who hire regularly or have large numbers of applications pouring in against each job post. The best ATS uses the latest technology like NLP and AI to screen and sort candidate profiles.

Vasitum has an in-built ATS that is driven on Artificial Intelligence. It screens the profile instantly and weeds out unqualifying candidates in a flash.