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What To Know Before Staying in a Hostel

Hostels are generally known for offering low-budget accommodation shared with other travelers, with multiple beds in one room and dorm-style bathrooms. However, these days, many offer a wide range of options, including private rooms.

No matter which you decide to book, most of the time, a hostel stay will be less expensive than staying at a standard hotel, helping to make for a much more budget-friendly trip. It could even make the difference between visiting that exciting destination or staying home, especially if you just spend a lot of money, perhaps buying one of the Baton Rouge houses for sale.

If you never stayed in a hostel before, you’re probably wondering what else to expect as hostels not only come with various room configurations, but there are other aspects that are helpful to know before booking.

Most Hostels Have Kitchens

A big benefit of a hostel is that most have fully equipped kitchens allowing you to make your own meals, which means you can save a ton by not having to dine out all the time. Many include breakfast, too, although it might just be bread and a toaster.

Hostel Amenities

In addition to kitchens, hostels may or not come with a wide range of amenities. Some of the standard basics of a good hostel include Wi-Fi, a shared kitchen, common areas for mingling, lockers, and linens. Be aware that not all hostels provide free bed linens, often they come at an extra charge, and they may not allow you to bring your own due to the risk of bed bugs. Some hostels have hotel-like amenities, like a game room, lap pool, or rooftop bar.

When you’re researching hostels in your destination, be sure to carefully compare what each includes, looking at overall value for the biggest savings and the best experience.

The Environment

Hostels tend to brand themselves as a certain type. For example, some are surfing hostels, catering to surfers while others specifically cater to digital nomad types who are studying or working in the area, providing a more peaceful environment. Many hostel guests really just want a good night’s sleep, but it’s usually easy to tell which attracts the party crowds as some have on-site bars and even DJs where the bass is still bumping at 2 a.m. That makes it a must to do plenty of research beforehand, including reading reviews so you’ll know if you can expect to find what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that some people can never be pleased, which means if they have just a couple of negative reviews, take them with a grain of salt, weighing the collective reviews overall.


If you’ve seen a horror movie based on someone staying in a hostel, you may feel panicky about booking one, but keep in mind, that’s not real life. Hostels are actually very safe – most have security cameras installed and are staffed 24 hours. If by the off chance you find yourself in a shared room with someone you don’t feel comfortable with, tell a member of the staff, and you can usually change rooms.