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Why Do More Businesses in Vancouver Prefer WordPress Website Design?

The economy of Vancouver, WA, employs more than 85,000 people in local businesses across various industries like retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. With numerous companies in tow, the city has massive support from multiple establishments like the U.S. Small Business Administration and more.
With intense talent comes intense competition. More and more companies are now relying on specialists offering services related to web design Vancouver for creating WordPress sites for their business.
Besides generating local leads, what makes WordPress website design a go-to stop for many business owners across Vancouver?

It Is an Affordable Choice

Whether you run an established business or you are just launching your new business in Vancouver, the fact that WordPress is free can be highly beneficial. As there are no hidden charges, you no longer have to spend a lot of money on website design.
Besides cost, WordPress websites offer different ways to customize the site according to your needs.
With the Washington Small Business Development Center (SBDC) helping so many businesses in Vancouver flourish, an affordable WordPress website allows you to stand out from the local competitors.
If you are new to WordPress, instead of doing the heavy work alone, you can contact an agency specializing in web design in Vancouver for assistance.

WordPress is the Leader in SEO

Only when your business’s site is visible in the search engines will the visitors engage with the brand and make a purchase.
A study found that 45% of the WordPress websites attain excellent monthly search traffic, which is an all-time high compared to other sites. Opting for WordPress website design gives you the advantage of using the best-in-class free plugin like Yoast.
Whether you are a home-based business in Vancouver or someone who runs a company with a license in partnership with the Washington State’s business licensing service, the visibility and organic visits to your website depend on SEO.

Thanks to the powerful SEO expertise WordPress website design offers, you can steadily attract potential business from your locality.

Endless Options for Themes and Plugins

Currently, WordPress is offering more than 50,000 free plugins for websites. With plugins, you can customize various elements of your Vancouver business website.

From newsletter sign-up forms to managing calendars, publishing blogs, and displaying and selling products, plugins can do it all.

When it comes to customizable themes, endless concepts and designs let you create a professional, attractive, and fully functional WordPress website in a brief span.
Whether you customize the themes yourself or work with a Vancouver web design agency, you can use plugins and effortlessly tailor the site to attract local customers.

Offers Flexibility and Space for Growth

One of the main reasons Vancouver businesses are leaning more towards WordPress website design is its flexibility. Even if you are a new business with a small following, you can use WordPress to create a simple website at the start and then scale it as your business grows.

With most of the membership within the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce being local businesses in Vancouver and areas of SW Washington, the city is filled with numerous new companies in the nascent stage.

For such growing businesses, WordPress web design in Vancouver offers a great opportunity for recognition and growth among the local group of customers.

There are so many success stories spinning around WordPress designs and Vancouver businesses. If you are not up to date with the trend, it is high time you contact a local web design specialist to talk about designing a website for the business.