Wordpress Backup And Restoration

How Do You Make An Effective WordPress Backup And Restoration Plan?

Wordpress Backup And Restoration

Before cracking up your WordPress website, ensure you have a backup. Reason being, many WordPress owners and managers do not have a backup file, making the situation worse if the file is required. Never allow yourself to be in such a situation.

Reasons why creating a backup for your WordPress website is essential

To save your time

Recreating lost design or data might cost you a lot of time, especially if the recovery quantity is huge.

Saves you a lot of money(cost)

Creating a backup of your website saves you a lot of recovery costs. Also, Fortune Magazine shows that companies incur $1.7 trillion per year due to data loss.

It is a wise decision

Creating a backup and restore plan for your WordPress website shows the decision is not only wise, but you are also a wise person.

If you are yet to create a backup and restore plan for your website, this article covers you in the entire process.

Without any doubt, we live in a high-tech world, because technology is essential in most of our daily activities. Besides this, technology comprises data that is specific to an individual. Therefore, if this data gets lost or corrupted, it will definitely wreak havoc the daily lives of many individuals.

Among the things that store our data and might cost us when lost are:

  • School assignments.
  • Work systems.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Calendars.
  • Text messages.
  • Phone contacts.
  • Social media.
  • Email.

Although technology is full of our particular data, we require it in our business activities and daily lives. However, the worst can happen in case:

  • Our computers crash.
  • You lose your mobile phone.
  • A server completely corrupts or deletes your website.
  • Your website gets hacked, and the hacker customizes its design and content.

To avoid worries from such scenarios, you should have a backup and restore strategy in place. Or you can also consult WordPress Experts for taking backup of your website securely.

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Here are three primary actions that you require to create an effective backup plan for your WordPress website in a clear way:

  1. Know the importance of having a backup.
  2. Choose an appropriate backup tool.
  3. Make the entire backup process automatic.

You are solely responsible for creating a backup for your website, if you have not hired someone else to do so. However, that should not worry you because we will take you through a plan that is automated.

Which things require Backup/ restore plan?

  • User errors.
  • Computer settings, mostly the internet and browser settings.
  • Hosting needs as it is the basis of your whole website.
  • Plugin conflicts, which accounts for approximately 80% of WordPress problems.
  • Outdated WordPress version for script upgrades and security problems.
  • All themes / plugin updates. These are very crucial.
  • Dangerous files on the server. Precisely malware and infected files which run scripts so as to infect other files.
  • Themes conflicts. Mainly outdated files and script conflicts.

Although there are many wonderful WordPress back-ups and restore plugins that are available out there, we recommend UpdraftPlus plugin.

updraft plus

Here are the three primary things that this plugin does as opposed to other WordPress backup and restoration plugins:

 1. Backs-up encrypted databases

UpdraftPlus is the only WordPress plugin that backs up encrypted data, if you the person who stores data in must encrypted database.

2. Has an automated single-click restoration

With this plugin, you can make a complete restoration of your website from existing backup files with just a single click of a button.

3.Automated backups pre-update

This feature is amazing because you can create automatic backups before updating your WordPress core, theme, or plugin files.

The database is the heart of a WordPress website because it stores all the unique data of your site. Equally, content is the brain of your site. So, similar to your body, your website cannot function effectively without the heart and the brain. Therefore, these are the things that you should backup on your site, and which you need to completely restore your website.

In addition, the only way to create an effective backup and restore plan for your WordPress website is creating a backup of your database and content.

Final thought

Creating a WordPress website backup is essential, as it is the easiest means you can use to restore your website in case of any issues.