how to wear a saree to look slim

Easy Tips : How to Wear a Saree to Look Slim and Tall

Saree is the traditional Indian signature for women ethnic outfit. Indian women’s loves the draping a saree to look slim. But Nowadays Girls wear saree only on wedding functions or on Ethnic fashion shows. It gives a formal, sexy, traditional and sober look with the kind of elegance, beautiful and ethnic touch, when choosing a right saree and wore in the right manner. Do you know how to wear a saree to look slim and tall? Don’t worry, Here you can know about different styles of wearing a saree with different fabrics. There are different ways of wearing a saree that can make you look slim or fat than you really are.

So, here I am sharing a some essential tips on how to wear a saree to look slim and tall. Let’s get started.

Ways of Draping a Saree

Wear a Saree in Belt Style

Wearing a saree in the Belt Style may sound something difficult and uncomfortable draping style but actually it is not. It gives you a different eye-catching look over the traditional style of draping a saree. You just need a big buckle leather belt or even a kamarbandh would be perfect to try this style. Wear the belt over your waist so as to cliche your saree pallu. More perfection in this look can be added by trying different hairstyles such as messy low bun or loose curly hairs, along with jewelry and a pair of shining earrings. The grace would be a perfect eye-catching one, but you have to choose the colors wisely.

wear saree with belt

Wear a Saree With Pants

Wearing Saree With Pants is the latest trend. To showcase and flaunt this unique draping style, there are different types of pants designs available, such as flared pants, dhoti pants, churidaars to name a few. You can choose any pants design according to your physique and drape saree in the perfect way to stun everyone with your sexy looks.

Moreover, this draping style is very comfortable, appealing and can be tried occasionally for both weddings and parties. A complementary hairstyle such as open curly hairs with heels would be icing on the cake.

wear saree with pant

Wear a Saree With Jeans

Let us have a look at another draping style which is also trending now a days. If you do have a beautiful Georgette or silk saree, but do not have time to get pants stitched for you, you can drape your saree over denim at the bottom, complemented by a belt with a large or designer buckle at the waist. This look will also give you a perfect attire with comfort as well. Do not forget to try it with different hairstyles such as half up puff, or curly pony tail, or greek goddess updo, to name a few, along with a pair of earrings and heels. Try different combinations that matches your physique and adds to the your beauty.

wear saree with jeans

Wear a Saree With Dhoti Pants

Have a look at another saree draping style that looks perfect over off shoulder blouse with jewelry such as a heavy necklace with a mang teeka over low side bun hairstyle. This draping style is preferable for two color plain silk saree as shown in the pic, with dhoti pants stitched in a contrasting color. The loose silhouette pattern of the dhoti makes it a comfortable wear even in summers.

wear saree with dhoti

Draping Saree With Butterfly Style

If you have well maintained your physique, this draping style will suits you best. Not only that, it will also show your creativity of draping a saree so beautifully. To drape in this style, you have to make extra thin pleats on the lower part of your saree pallu, thereby making it look like a butterfly. Done with that, fix the upper pallu on your shoulder with a pin, and do not forget to complement with a perfect hairstyle such as beachy waves or Side Accent French Braid.

wear saree with butterfly style

How to Wear Saree to Look Slim

Step By Step Guide

How to Wear Saree

Wearing a Saree is not about just draping it around your body, you need to have a perfect look, comfort as well as confidence in this outfit while going out. Let us have a look at basic steps one should follow while draping a saree first time

  1. Check the materials and their size

You should have following accessories ready with yourself :

  • A matching or contrasting blouse
  • A petticoat / inner skirt
  • A saree
  • Bangles
  • Jewelry if you feel like
  • Earrings
  • Heels / Chappals / shoes / Sandals
  • Bobby pins
  • Safety pins
  • colorful designer bindi
  • Hairstyle accessories

2. Getting ready and prepared

  • With everything ready and ironed, start by wearing saree blouse and make sure it fits your perfectly without making you uncomfortable.
  • Then start wearing the petticoat. It should be tied tightly and make your it sticks to its place without getting down, otherwise it could mess up everything. Its color should serve its purpose of hiding your body as well as itself when looked by someone else.

3. Wearing the Saree

  • Now collect any one corner of the saree with your fingers and make a knot of it. Now you need the tuck the knot into the inner left side of your petticoat so as to fix it there. Make sure the design / pattern / embroidery of the saree is on the outer side.
  • Start wrapping saree around your body over the petticoat by making the complete turns from right to left.
  • Make sure to maintain the sufficient gap between the saree bottom and the floor. Also make sure that your petticoat should not be visible from lower side.
  • while draping, keep tucking the saree fabric around the waist and petticoat neatly ans without any wrinkles.

4. How to make Pleats now

  • Next it the most important part of wearing a saree – making pleats. More neatly you make them, better you look.
  • After wrapping the saree, the extra left over fabric is utilized for making the pleats. You need to hold the saree firmly and tightly with your thumb and finger.
  • Then stretch the fabric with your hands upto 100 mm wide by holding it between your fingers.
  • Now start making pleats by winding the saree fabric from one hand to other. Try to make atleast 6 pleats.
  • After that, collect the all pleats with your one hand carefully and tuck them together inside the front portion of the petticoat (below navel).
  • You are Done! Now adjust the saree by holding pleats with one hand and check for any problem or wrinkle.
  • You can also fix the pleats using safety pins so as to hold them in place.

5. Draping the Saree

  • Take the extra saree and wrap it one more time around your body from right to left.
  • Now you have to make the pleats of the saree pallu in the same way you did before. Pleat the top edges of the pallu and bring them to your left shoulder.
  • Adjust the pleats to balance them and fix them with your blouse using a safety pin so as to prevent it from falling or loosing its grace.
  • Let the extra saree fall over your left shoulder and check the length of the pallu.
  • Do the final touches by moving or walking all around and checking in the mirror.

6. Hairstyle??

There are lot of hair styles options available for different saree draping types. You can choose anyone among of them.

  • Messy low bun
  • Half up curls
  • Loose curls
  • Half up puff
  • Texturized curls with maang teeka
  • Side fishtail braid
  • Beachy waves
  • Chic swept back bun
  • Gajra bun
  • Greeky goddess updo

7. Bangles and other accessories

Do not forget to complement your hard work with matching and designing bangles, jewelry, bindi and footwear.

Still confused?? You can see the video to clear your doubts!

Happy draping!!

There are a few important things you have to take care of when you plan to wear saree for any function or occasion.

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Choose The Fabric Before Saree Wearing Style

  • If you are healthy or fat and want to look slim and tall, that you should always choose a light weight fabric saree that is close to the body.
  • Chiffon, Crepe, Satin and Georgette are best fabrics for you
  • If you have a plus size body then you should avoid silk sarees, kanjivaram sarees, tissue sarees and specially avoid cotton sarees because they add volume to your look.
  • Light color cotton sarees and chiffon sarees are always in trend. Plus size women should not wear a cotton saree to Look Slim.
how to wear a saree to look slim and tall

Choose the Blouse Design

  • If you are slim then make sure to wear fitted blouse with deep back and quarter sleeves.
  • If you have a plus size then Sleeves length should be longer. Sleeves either elbow length or full-sleeves. Neck design should be halter.
blouse design

Draping Style of Saree

  • If your body is plus size then an open palla will suit you better than other. Try to drape a Saree tightly, not to be loose anywhere.
  • Always hide your tummy fat with the Saree.
  • You can also wear saree like a jacket, just roll your pallu around your neck and style it as a cool scarf hanging around smartly.
  • Try draping a Saree in a double pallu. Fashionable girls or women are largely trying this trend. Wear your saree in a regular way and just layer another palla or drape on the other side of the shoulder letting it fall loose, you may tuck it from the back on the other side for a better fit and flow. Make sure this look gives you an illusion as the lower torso is divided into three parts which will enhance your curves in a better way.
  • Easy to drape Gujatati style pallu can also be tried as it can be left loose or tucked across on the left side of the waist. Also, ensure that the fabric is not too thick with embroidery or else the purpose of this drape is defeated.
  • Loose pallu Saree gives you a graceful look. Simply keep your pallu open and only use one pin it on the shoulder just for attached pallu with your shoulder and leave it easy while holding the fall on your hand for a feminine look.
saree draping style


So, I Hope these steps will be helpful for you. Here I have shared all possible simple tricks and hacks about  how to wear a saree to look slim and tall. You can simply follow these instructions step by step.

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