Intranets as collaborative solutions promote employee engagement by offering a wide range of tools to encourage peer-to-peer collaboration and activities over a private network

How Social Intranet Software Promotes Social Networking

Social intranets have taken the business world by storm in the last few years. Unlike private networks earlier, these advanced solutions are creative, engaging pieces of software that can be used similar to a social network to connect people with each other and encourage them to use these platforms for their organizational tasks.

Why Use an Intranet Interface for Social Networking

Social networks have revolutionized the way people communicate with others. Using them, people get connected while sitting miles away from each other. Apart from that, users can share pictures, videos, and documents over these networks with their friends. Thanks to these fascinating features, people like to spend hours on these sites.

Similar to these networking sites, modern social intranet software solutions bring employees of an organization on a common platform where they can communicate, share information, and perform several other organizational tasks in an engaging manner.

Benefits of Intranet for Social Networking

Intranets as collaborative solutions promote employee engagement by offering a wide range of tools to encourage peer-to-peer collaboration and activities over a private network. A company can launch an intranet platform, which is attractive and interactive like a social networking site.

Equipped with advanced tools and features, it drives a team-oriented workplace where employees and team leaders work together to achieve common organizational goals.

Below are some ways an intranet as a social network can help a company grow immensely.

●       Collaboration

Using a common intranet solution, employees sitting miles away from each other can collaborate for projects. Through the network, they simultaneously work on one file and make changes in real-time. Also, they can communicate with each other to discuss projects and their progress.

Here, employees collaborate similar to a social networking site. In addition to communication, they can post comments on files shared by others. 

●       Knowledge Sharing

Earlier, in the absence of interactive intranet software, employees had to visit their colleagues personally to collect information they require for their projects. It was a time-consuming process that, sometimes, ended up without satisfactory results because employees had no idea whom they should approach for information.

However, social intranet software allows authorized members to access files shared by others to retrieve the knowledge they require for their projects. Thanks to the easy search feature, users can quickly find documents using names and hashtags. In addition, the platform enables them to communicate with colleagues for information.

●       Anytime Access

A few years ago, an intranet was a private intranet network with a handful of features that only top management knew how to use. Over the years, the network evolved to become a platform with lots of useful features that employees throughout the organization can use for their jobs.

Similar to a social networking site, they access the intranet anytime and from anywhere. All they require is a smart device and a high-speed Internet connection. After that, they can connect with their colleagues, who are miles away from them.

●       Online Meetings

In the presence of a social intranet network, employees don’t need to gather in a physical conference room for meetings. Also, a company doesn’t have to spend on items required for meetings. Instead, they can create groups online to share their ideas. In this way, remote employees also become a part of company meetings.

Final Words

Social intranet software solutions promote social networking among employees by offering them a variety of tools to communicate, share knowledge, and stay connected with their colleagues. To boost members to use these platforms, organizations need to customize these software solutions as per their requirements.   

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