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5 Useful SEO Techniques You Might Not be Aware of

Search engine optimization has become an integral part of digital marketing. Research by Hubspot has found that 94% of web traffic is generated by organic traffic alone. This figure justifies the importance of SEO but for its implementation in your marketing tactics, you would first have to thoroughly research and understand every search engine algorithm before you proceed to frame it.  

Digital marketing strategies don’t always work as smoothly as you anticipate they will. There will be frequent fluctuations in traffic generation and audience engagement but doesn’t mean you would stop working around your chosen strategy. Every marketing form requires trial-and-error. To seek success, you have to go beyond your expectations and do what makes you unique from your industry competitors.

If you have already been working on some of the most prominent Brand awareness SEO strategies – you should stop right there and incorporate any of the following 5 unique SEO techniques we have in store for you.

1. Rely on AdWords Campaigns for Keyword Planning

Google Keyword Planner is probably the easiest and most feasible way to extract relevant keywords yet it fails at analyzing what strategies your SEO competitors analysis particularly using. It is crucial to know Google always displays search results generated through AdWords Campaigns at the top.

As an example, you are looking for keywords related to internet and cable provider companies so you search for the domain name. The Meta title and description of the top web results will give you a clearer idea of what’s trending in the world of ISPs, which you can, later on, use in your SEO strategy.

2. YouTube Descriptions bring a Difference in Visibility  

Other than Wikipedia pages, YouTube video links tend to rank on the first 10 pages of Google search results. The concepts of content and video marketing are correlated to search engine optimization is, without visual or textual content, SEO loses its meaning. YouTube, being the video streaming behemoth, has the potential to help you secure a visible spot online.  

Simply upload content relating to your brand on YouTube and be sure to add a short description with the relevant keyword before uploading it. This technique is often overlooked but if you seek quick results for brand visibility, it is the one to rely on.

3. Extract Keywords from Corresponding Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia was launched as an open-source online encyclopedia with no promotional aspects and yet it has now transformed into a powerful marketing tool. Since it has a higher domain authority, articles and Wiki pages encompassing topics of all sorts are published there. Every marketer certainly faces roadblocks in curating marketing strategies once or more.

If that’s the case, Wikipedia is a great platform for extracting keywords along with new topic ideas. Every Wikipedia page has a unique topic since the website highly discourages content redundancy. Thoroughly analyze each article fitting to your brand and you will acquire fresh keywords in no time. 

4. Attract your audience with appealing infographics

Websites bloated with content are not only unappealing but also have lower levels of readability. The key to writing quality content is high readability however, without a pleasant website template, no matter how good the content is, no one would want to spend time reading it. Infographics are a great alternative if every page of your website comprises of equally extensive content.

Your ultimate goal is to engage users. The more appeal your website’s content has, the more traffic it will generate. In turn, the traffic accumulated helps your website secure a stable and visible spot across the existing search engines.

5. Update old content for social media campaigns

Blog posts that you once wrote for your website should not be reposted word for word repeatedly since Google regards it as spam thus, removing the web links for good. A useful strategy to gain more traffic is reusing pieces of your old web content but for social media postings.

Certainly, you cannot brainstorm for new ideas in every SEO sprint. This strategy will not make anyone doubt your credibility since you are only taking old concepts and turning them into unique posts for social media. That helps you sustain your brand identity and let you stay true to your content creation roots.


There is nothing too advanced about these 5 SEO techniques and nor do you have to look into technical intricacies to build a befitting campaign. You can still use the techniques you have previously used for your website. But if you feel like you’re in a muddle and the strategies you keep using just don’t seem to work, only then you can focus on these unique SEO techniques and note an incline in your website ranking, credibility, and visibility.